Social Media Content Management


What is Social Media Content Management?

celum Social Media Content Management (SMC) is a new kind of content management and distribution system. It rests on an extremely capable content repository for multimedia files with extended metadata capabilities, but what sets it apart is the “backstage”: It is the central control panel used to publish content on  social media networks, define its publication lifecycle as well as certain abilities (e.g., comment, share, like) and to be able to syndicate content usage information (e.g., views, likes, responses). celum SMC is the only of its kind, and it can be easily extended to Product Media Management and Digital Asset Management services.

What challenges does SMC solve?

Social media networks like YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook have become integral in  the world of marketing and communications and they provide the perfect complement to classically employed strategies. However, such systems still pose specific challenges to content management and most of all content distribution control. Delivering rich content to many different  systems remains tedious and is hardly a way to control content flow and ensure proper usage. celum SMC lets users distribute content to any system from just one central point to manage the endpoint capabilities of a multitude of different platforms, e.g., YouTube. SMC enables users to respond to files or share them on a multitude of social media platforms without having to leave the celum interface, and it protects your digital assets by dutifully enforcing content rights across any platform.

What does SMC do?

  • Acts as an independent central repository for all rich content and multimedia, first and foremost video and photos
  • Distributes content to social media networks
  • Remotely controls certain endpoint capabilities like the ability to like, share or respond to content
  • Manages the scheduled display of content including reliably removing content from any platform
  • Ensures that the right content is displayed on the right platform in the right region through the use of complex publication schedules, helping to execute product launches or other time critical events without a hitch
  • Allows for multi-region product content management regardless of language

SMC key capabilities

  • Publishing/unpublishing multimedia to any social media network, enforcing content rights and complex scheduling
  • Remotely define network specific capabilities (retrieved via API) like “allow likes”, “allow response” or “allow comments”
  • Retrieve usage and content success statistics for marketing resource management and social media campaign systems
  • Extended content relations, e.g., identification of and differentiation between source and derivative files, i.e., content translation and relation between source material and the translated derivative
  • API and SDK integrate content with any other system and pass content metadata back and forth between any system
  • Enterprise integration abilities like SAML and Active Directory
  • Content repurposing for any device in any quality
  • Content creation management, monitoring, review and approval
  • Content lifecycle management and license control
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