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The Winter release of CELUM Digital Asset Management offers naturally some absolute innovations and improvements especially when it comes to user guidance and administration. The new product release includes a classic mix of business features, integrations, and technology-updates. Here is a fine selection of the most important changes and innovations:

Multi-filter of node-trees

In future widely branched file structures, keyword-, project- and product-trees can be browsed through even more easily for relevant assets. Select the tags you want to filter for and the search result will directly be displayed in the asset list.

What's available when?

Haven't you asked this question too often? Our latest Winter release and its new search-widget will help to find out within a few seconds which assets are available in which period of time. The search function can be enhanced or limited by stating a date.

CELUM DAM & MPM - the perfect symbiosis

Integrate your CELUM DAM instance seamlessly with our ultimate collaboration platform - CELUM Marketing Project Management. If you work with both solutions, it is now possible to import assets from DAM to MPM.  You can collaborate on your files in your workroom and once everything is finished push them back to your DAM for distribution.

Who's the king of the remote?

Not Mr. or Mrs. couch potato, but your DAM system: huge workflows and elaborated distribution logics can be initiated directly from third party systems.

Come to CELUM Contentland

CELUM Contentland - the amusement park for digital assets - is our new, flexible content distribution framework which allows integration of metadata and downloads direct to websites and portals in no time. 

CELUM Contentland - which has no own data storage - supports marketers to create unique brand worlds by live-exporting authorised DAM content to websites and e-Commerce platforms.

CELUM Contentland is absolutely exciting for our implementation partners because the JavaScript framework offers a variety of out-of-the-box funtionalities and allows the transformation of nearly all portal- and distribution cases.