Brands, Products, Creativity, Positivity

"Perfection is Achieved Not When There Is Nothing More to Add, But When There Is Nothing Left to Take Away".

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

At CELUM, we support the most prestigious and fastest growing global brands. We are tremendously proud and humbled to play a vital role in equipping brand and product marketers to deliver engaging messages. Embracing possibility and professionalism, CELUM delivers on logistical processes and creative execution to spark unrivaled asset management success stories.

24/7, we are dedicated to innovating technology to make our clients more successful. We want to make software for real people, not robots. Packaging simplicity with elegant solutions makes us who we are. What Apple did for mobile communications, we are doing for marketing, with digital asset, content, and social media management as our platform.

Smart, agile, and ambitious – CELUM was founded in 1999.  Today the privately held company is a global leader of digital asset management and content management. Headquartered in beautiful Linz/Austria, CELUM operates offices in the US, France, Germany and Slovakia.

Working @ CELUM

We are curious. We believe in ingenuity. We believe that technology, creativity and marketing are natural allies. We love what we do, we want to break boundaries, re-invent solid features with better functionality, and boldly go where no one has gone before ;-)

We think working should mean having a great time. Working at CELUM you get to embrace Epic FIFA15 struggles between soccer arch enemies Austria and Germany, engage in Poker and Pool Billard as it is otherwise only done in Las Vegas, or take part in CELUM’s numerous sports teams, from Road- and Mountain-Biking to Running or Triathlon. And when the sun warms our 350sqm terrace, it is ruled by the mighty “Grill Bill”, the worlds’ only Gas powered Grill that can be booked as an Outlook Resource. And we at CELUM bet that we have a better equipped kitchen than your Mama, or actually any person. We invite you to visit us any time.

Green Company

Designers, engineers and product specialists, oddballs, sportsters, hipsters, creatives, nerds and geeks, fashionistas and everyday heroes – we work hard, we play hard, and we build amazing things from the ground up . . . including the offices we work in.  The CELUM CAMPUS is a fabulous work setting that unleashes creativity and brilliant collaborations.  This is home to our global development center for marketing technology.

CELUM is dedicated to a sustainable and minimal impact use of energy and resources. The CELUM Campus is a ultra low energy building, warmed and cooled by the Earth’s power with a high efficient ground water heat pump and 3 layered glass insulation. We go by train whenever possible and we look out to save energy and resources whenever possible.

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