CELUM Enterprise on Premise

Flexible System Extension

Why do IT decision makers love CELUM as much as marketers?  Perhaps because CELUM on premise setups are able to grow selectively, depending on usage and load patterns. This unique scaling ability allows the most efficient, shared resources extension of the system setup. CELUM fully supports virtual system environments and dynamic allocation of resources. The system grows with increased usage.

Key Features

Easy Uploads and Search

Upload with ease – single, batch or fully integrated uploads. Find your assets via extendable search widgets.

Creative Workflow

Automate and track creative processes with tasks and version control. 

Measure Success

See what content has performed well in which channel – adapt strategies by analyzing likes and shares of specific content.

Automated Rights Management

Manage rights usage, protect licenses, and make sure misuse is detected and prevented.

Gather and Deliver

Create and deliver collections to diverse audiences with safeguards to protect sensitive content.

Manage Any File Type

Manage any file type and get capabilities like metadata extraction, conversion and web optimized preview for more than 200 files formats.

Deliver to Other Systems

Any content to any system – optimized for different content delivery networks and devices. CELUM integrated in ANY state of the art system via its powerful APIs.

Control Access

One of the most dynamic access rights control systems in the content management industry. Inheritance driven permissions enable complex approval processes with unrivalled ease.

Only with CELUM ...

  • Most powerful content organization capabilities on the market
  • Built to integrate and to keep up with your ERP, PIM or commerce system
  • Social media Integration and content success measurement

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