For Whom We Work

Most CELUM clients are large companies or global organizations across various industries. No other technology includes out-of-the-box solutions to support these diverse needs. 

SCOTT Sports

"Our employees see the benefits and cannot imagine their daily working routine without CELUM anymore."

Rolf Bigler
eCommerce Manager


"CELUM is one face and one voice, it’s brand equity.  It doesn’t just save money, it makes money.”

John DeMarco
Manager Content Excellence

University of Cambridge

"CELUM has brought order to chaos when it comes to our digital assets!"

Peter Graham
Fr. Head of Online Communications


Thousands of users, millions of files, many brands, unspecified or undefined content, global distribution, multi-language scenarios, marketing working together with production and many other departments, external content delivery to retailers, social media entry, videos and images used heavily.

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Thousands of files, localization and dynamization of marketing collateral, many products from many suppliers mean many files that need to be brought to common standards, integration in the CRM and e-commerce application, sending large files to sponsoring partners and the media.

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Highly dynamic content, strong focus on video, content with short lifecycles, attractive product images or videos, rich and engaging customer experience, sponsoring content to media and partners, complex product structures, social media network usage.

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Thousands of large, high-quality files, license and rights management (e.g., celebrity content), multiple brands under one group, protection of content, multiple languages, content localization, multi-device output, mobile access, extended workflow needs for approval and legal compliance, work-in-progress asset management, social media content management.

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Other Industries We Support

Media & Entertainment

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Fast Moving Consumer Goods

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Pharmaceutical, Healthcare & Medical

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Non-Profit, Education, Heritage

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Financial Services

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