Luxury & Multibrands

Protecting and carefully evolving a brand legacy is as challenging as uniting multiple brands under one umbrella without destroying their unique DNA. The world’s most prestigious brands use CELUM technology to allow access to content, protect valuable digital assets, and control usage in the best possible way. Those brands need to deliver gorgeous experiences that are worthy of their stunningly beautiful and highly emotional products.

5 Key Topics

High-end in-store and online experiences

Rights Management

High Quality Product Experience

Multi Cultural Approach

Multiple Brands

What clients achieve with CELUM

  • One central marketing hub
  • Increased brand consistency by enabling (Multi) Brand Portals
  • More flexible in choosing frontend content technologies like WCM and E-mail marketing software
  • Higher delivery quality for content, more elaborate experiences
  • 3D product demonstrations and high quality full HD and 4K Video enabled

How clients profit from CELUM technology

 Reduce costs involved in store delivery of POS merketing materials by up to 25%

Reduced translation costs for marketing content up to 40%

Reduce costs related to copyright infringements up to 85%

Average ROI Duration: 1-12 Months

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A global DAM with integrations to third-party systems and a brand portal for 3,500 users power the digitalization process of traditional eyewear maker Silhouette.

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