Sports & Special Brands

CELUM solutions have the capabilities to manage high-quality, short-lived and engaging content with powerful search instruments and rich content delivery for video. The Social Content Management suite publishes content to social media networks. CELUM solutions are also able to deliver any content swiftly to the media via and manage video assets effectively.

5 Key Topics

Increasing Complexity

Rights Management

Different Stakeholders

Social Media

High Quality Content

What Clients Achieve with CELUM

  • One central marketing hub
  • Increased brand consistency by enabling (Multi) Brand Portals
  • More flexibility in choosing front end content technologies like WCM and E-mail marketing software
  • Faster, less costly new market deployments
  • Faster, less cumbersome onboarding for new team members
  • Mobile access to content; flexibility - connect anytime from any device
  • Increased connectivity and effectiveness in POS/trade show events

How clients profit from CELUM technology

 Reduce translation costs for marketing content up to 40%

Reduce time to market for new market/locale up to 15%

Reduced spend on social media campaigs by selective content delivery up to 20%

Average ROI Duration: 4 - 6 Months

Selected Customers

Dr. Martens


Federation Francaise de Tennis (FFT)


Mammut Sports




SCOTT Sports


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