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CELUM Mobile App

Whether you’re at a trade fair, visiting a customer or simply out and about, the CELUM mobile app not only gives you fast and convenient access to your content, but it also makes sharing from your mobile device a breeze.  

Because You’re on the Go

Just imagine you’re at a trade fair. A prospect approaches your booth and the conversation gets interesting. The prospect is well-informed, asks intelligent questions about your product, and wants to see more.  

Not a problem for you. You have your tablet in your hand and open the CELUM mobile app where you have instant access to all your files be it JPEGs, PSD, PowerPoint, videos, audio files etc. in one place. 

Mobile App all assets no background
CELUM Mobile App Home Screen

You sort your assets according to specific criteria like last modified, date created, asset name or asset size in a dropdown menu in ascending or descending order. If you know exactly what you are looking for, you just put in the full-text search term. And you have that piece of content you want to wow the prospect with.  

The prospect is pleased and asks for you to email the content directly to them. You tap a few more times and send it through the share function. 

Mobile App metadata share download no background
CELUM Mobile App Asset and Share View

Or maybe imagine this. You’re at a company event and taking some great photos and videos of your co-workers having fun, competing in silly games, or out enjoying nature together. The following day you share that funny video on social media right then and there to give your customers a little backstage peek at your company.

Great, but you sure don’t want to go looking for that awesome video through the thousands of photos and videos you have. Instead, you use it on social media, and then immediately upload it to CELUM from your mobile phone.

You apply metadata to it in a few easy taps and put your phone away to enjoy the event. When you want to use that fun video in a few days for some other project, you’ll be able to easily find it.  

Mobile+Mockup3 (1)
Adding Metadata to Uploaded Content

That’s what the CELUM mobile app has been created for. Flexible, fast, convenient access to your digital asset management content while you are out and about, on the go, or right in front of a prospect or customer. With the CELUM mobile app, we have brought a DAM right in your hand.  

To learn more book a demo or contact your account manager.

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