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Frankfurt is always worth a visit: The CELUMIUM, the annual customer and partner symposium of CELUM, took place at the beginning of November in the german bank city and in London. 150 guests thought about breaking data silos, received the latest content marketing trends and presented current and future developments at CELUM. But first things first!

Content Marketing is mandatory

Ryan Skinner Celum ForresterIrritating, but understandable: "Money is no longer the crucial currency in the advertising market, but time and attention," said keynote speaker Ryan Skinner, a senior analyst with consulting firm Forrester. That's why content marketing is an important tool for many companies to bring their products and services to the man / woman. Instead it needs to be content that adapts to the market.

Skinner elaborated this on the following example. 3M, known for the Scotch brand, set up its own Amazon page for a home-use laminator. 3M filled out the site with lots of product information, pictures, videos and detailed customer questions. The results are amazing. “Number # 1 Amazon search in the US for the keyword "laminator" and a market penetration of one-eighth of all US households - starting from near-zero”, Skinner said. 3M placed the right product on the right channel and fed it a lot of information. The good reviews of the buyers did the rest.

For companies, this means establishing technical processes and a digital architecture that facilitate content marketing. On the one hand Digital asset management (DAM), for example, helps to manage and distribute content. And on the other hand, teams and strategies for each channel need to be built and developed, Skinner said.

Drill, baby, drill! Hilti’s brand evolution

Drilling and optimizing again and again - Michael Pietig, Global Head of Brand Consulting at Hilti, explained at CELUMIUM how the brand repositioned itself. According to internal surveys, "The Hilti brand has to prove that it offers that extra something more," Pietig said. Just do not differentiate yourself by technical features, but by a "brand experience". Hilti had to tell stories around "efficiency, partnership and projects".

Accordingly, the brands Corporate Identity were further developed. While in the past, the product was in the foreground with pictures - the product was colored and the rest black and white - the pictorial world is now more accessible and authentic. Thus the devices in the pictures are also scarred to see and in use. The image itself is completely in color. The brand is now oriented more clearly to the customer and their living environment.

MAN creates new color patterns

The truck and bus company MAN also saw the need to develop a new brand philosophy, including a new visual language. Marina Warmboldt, responsible for Corporate Identity / Corporate Design at MAN, made clear in her talk which advantages lay in a consistent brand message and image world. Interestingly, MAN goes exactly where Hilti was with his color world before. MAN puts on a black, gray background, while the product stands out as a contrasting color. Managing its picture worlds, MAN uses CELUM DAM as backbone for its own brand portal, which is used by around 10,000 internal and external users.

Ricola builds on CELUM DAM

The Swiss confectionery manufacturer Ricola was less concerned with the brand than with the digital reorientation. TheJohannes Fenner Ricola Celumium Frankfurt initial situation was an existing slow DAM with an outdated user experience. Digitalisation has required more and more data in more formats and sizes for brand communication. The solution should be "user-friendly, robust, secure and up-to-date", says Johannes Fenner, Digital Manager at Ricola.


The company based in Laufen at CELUM DAM made a find. The digital team at Ricola now manages all digital assets via the fully-branded portal - with good performance, variable structure trees and metadata. Fenner also pointed to the easy onboarding. CELUM DAM is so self-explanatory that new employees do not need extra training. A Fenner employee said: “It's hard to imagine how we used to work without CELUM DAM. "

A little step for a company, a huge step for business

Not only confectionery companies rely on a DAM, but also the CAD industry. PhD Andreas Krach, Director of Marketing & Communications at Open Mind Technologies AG, justifies the move in a nutshell: "The need to restructure our own content was huge, because no one liked to search anything internally".

In particular he highlighted the implementation of CELUM DAM:

  • What were the requirements for DAM?
  • Which groups within Open Mind had to develop the structures of metadata?
  • How Open Mind has communicated the introduction of DAM within the company?

The audience saw a complete implementation of a DAM system. Although it takes time to implement CELUM DAM added a lot of value to the company.

Celumium Frankfurt

Upgrade your social media with CELUM

Brand communication used to be a one-way street - from business to customer. Nowadays, it has mutated into a busy Andreas von Lowtzow Hootsuite Celumcrossroads, a dialogue between customers and companies, primarily through social media.

Social media platform Hootsuite has introduced its connector to the CELUM DAM. Companies can use their content, such as images or videos, directly from the DAM in Hootsuite. Andreas von Lowtzow, Senior Partner Manager at Hootsuite, emphasized in his presentation how processes of social media managers can be optimized with this connector. Hootsuite supports all relevant channels and delivers images in the appropriate format for each channel. By the way: You can find the connector in the brand new Marketplace on the CELUM website.

2017: The year of revolution

CELUM DAM was also one of the topics of Thomas Untereichner, responsible for Strategic Product Management at CELUM. He gave an overview of the company's strategy which milestones were achieved in 2017:

  • CELUM provides the Content Productivity Platform, which helps businesses create, manage, distribute and monetize content. Thus, the existing CELUM DAM was supplemented by two products, namely Marketing Project Management and the Content Marketplace powered by Contidio.
  • It also has its own marketplace on the company's redesigned website, which provides modules, extensions and connectors to CELUM products.
  • Next year, additional features will be integrated into DAM, such as a CELUM Drive, Artificial intelligence functionalities or an improved SAP hybris Connector.
  • In addition, Marketing Project Management (MPM) will receive further updates. In the future MPM will support Microsoft Azure Blob Storage or provide an Indesign preview mode, with which Indesign files within MPM can be edited effortlessly.

Buying content with a simple solution

After a company update CELUM CEO Michael Kräftner described the following problem: Obtaining content is a very cumbersome process for many companies. There are proprietary managers who are exclusively busy scanning multiple photo and video sources for matching images to fill internal and external marketing channels.

Because so far, this process is very time consuming, boring and not transparent in terms of cost. Kräftner presented a suitable solution to the CELUMIUM audience: "The many search queries are over. Finding is the order of the day. "There is now a platform that bundles everything together. Through Contidio customers can find and easily buy content from popular stock platforms (gettyimages, thinkstock, shutterstock), content from well-known brands or creative artists. The advantages are obvious: Customers receive a high-quality selection in no time, while enjoying legal security and even saving money.

We were very pleased about the lively interest in CELUMIUM 2017. We thank you, all our beloved customers and partners, who have enriched this event so much. We will return in 2018 with even more vigor and ideas. This time at the CELUM headquarters in Linz!