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Digital Strategy Consulting as a Service – Why Do You Need It?

Sooner or later all business units and stakeholders want a powerful solution to manage their digital assets and support them in their value chain development initiatives. As a result, many of our clients have turned to us for support in optimizing their processes. We can help with pinpoint accuracy through our Digital Strategy Consulting service. 

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Why should you consider it?

Most are familiar with the challenges that arise when teams grow larger and the demands on a content supply chain become more demanding. Different stakeholders are constantly voicing new requirements, the number of tools used is increasing, competition is increasing the pace of innovation and at the same time the complexity in already planned projects is also increasing. The omnipresent shortage of IT specialists is increasingly leading to a shortage of resources and thus to delays in the implementation of important projects. According to the sentence: “Planning is half the battle”, CELUM can provide active support and thus ensure a high degree of implementation momentum from the very beginning.  

In IT and marketing projects, there are always conflicts of interest between stakeholders. This can sometimes lead to priorities being set far from optimal. 

When working out common goals, it therefore makes sense to involve a CELUM Digital Strategy Consultant (DSC) who identifies exactly where the challenges lie and from this develops a stringent and agreed catalog of requirements that supports the overall goals most efficiently. In this way, it is usually easier to get the necessary attention for the project across departmental boundaries and to drive forward the necessary steps of an efficient and sustainable strategy. 

Our consulting service can also help to consider new technologies and state-of-the-art best practices, thereby improving efficiency and thus increasing ROI. Whether the goal is to improve employee collaboration and performance or customer service, our consultants can help ensure that the use of digital tools and processes is communicated effectively. In addition, the assistance of a consultant can help streamline interdepartmental communication and helps create sustainable processes that have the acceptance of your teams. 


The core of strategy work is discovering the critical factors of a situation and designing a way of coordinating and focusing actions to deal with those factors.

Objectives of the Digital Strategy Service


Building sustainable relations as a trusted advisor

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Co-Innovation of individual processes and workflows


Empower client organization in establishing CELUM


Unlocking full project potential for our client

What Approach Do We Take?

For us, the key lies in a clearly defined process that accompanies clients in their project.  

We usually divide the scoping workshop into three milestones: 

  • Elicitation of requirements and priorities 
  • Deriving the complexities and the business value 
  • Development of the initial project road map 

As stated, the insights gathered are taken into account meticulously and a roadmap for your team’s way to highly efficient content experience processes is drawn up. Next these findings are conveyed into a concrete solution approach, from which an implementation plan, a schedule and the actual implementation are derived. In order to check the success of the individual project steps, a review cycle regularly determines whether the goals have been achieved or if adjustments to the strategy need to be made. First and foremost the findings from the reviews flow into the ongoing project process but are also utilized to discover and consider further project improvement opportunities.


CELUM Strategy Consulting Process

Who Is Our Digital Strategy Consultant?

Emanuel Rotter (44) has gained 25 years of professional experience in various industries and uses this expertise to skillfully address the individual needs of our clients. As we all know, every project is different and bespoke marketing processes are the norm today. This of course must be taken into account accordingly. His knowledge of Martech ecosystems, enterprise marketing processes, content experience management as well as his technical expertise enable him to speak to all roles in their business lingo. His broad-based experiences help him to not just understand the challenges and goals of all stakeholders, but also to gain a birds eye overview of a business’ needs. 

As a certified Marketing Cloud Business Analyst with years of experience advising businesses, Emanuel understands the challenges that arise when implementing new marketing technologies.  

When asked, he describes himself as a customer-focused, analytical and process-oriented mind. A statement we fully concur with.  


How Do We drive Your Project Forward?

At CELUM, we understand how important it is for our clients to have a single point of contact who keeps track of the entire requirements landscape and to develop a roadmap for the initial implementation project, and way beyond.  

The core message here is that we help our clients clearly define their project goals from the beginning on and prioritize them accordingly based on agreed KPIs. 


The 7 benefits for your CELUM content experience project:  

  • Provision of our expertise in content supply chain and content experience transformation 
  • Saving time and sharpening the project objectives 
  • A clear roadmap for faster value creation 
  • Building sustainable relationships as a trusted advisor to all stakeholders 
  • Co-innovation of processes and workflows based on best practices
  • Enabling the client organization to work more efficiently and more productive 
  • Opening up further project potential for our clients and therefore increasing the ROI
Feel free to reach out to our team or Emanuel directly, so we can set up an initial discovery call free of charge.

Contact us and make a use of a free consultation call. 

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