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Kistler established B2B e-commerce channel for high-tech-products

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In a strategic move to meet evolving customer demands and expand its reach, Kistler has established a B2B e-commerce channel for their high-tech sensors, initiating a transformative journey. They have modernised their systems, enhanced customer experiences, streamlined content management, and seamlessly integrated with backend operations.


Revamp Outdated Tech Stack

Recognising the importance of online purchases, Kistler aimed to establish a dynamic e-commerce platform, ensuring exceptional customer journeys. Additionally, they desired to centrally, manage, store, and distribute their huge product content across all channels, reaching the right audience at the right times.

However, Kistler faced challenges with an outdated technology stack. Existing tools, such as a paint tool, were inadequate for their evolving needs. The CMS tool was outdated, and the integrated ICT setup lacked the necessary integration for a seamless e-commerce experience. Back-end systems like ERP and CRM operated in silos, while the CELUM DAM system was not fully integrated and ran on an outdated release.

Kistler decided to implement SAP Commerce Cloud as a central CMS and e-commerce integration platform. This system should be seamlessly integrated with back-end systems such as ERP, CRM, and a DAM with specialised Product Content Management features.

“With CELUM Product Content Management, we have a central platform for all product-related content. This allows us to create high-quality product catalogues, which serve as the basis for our online presence.“
Christoph Keller
Corporate Program & Project Manager

CELUM PCM and SAP Commerce Cloud

Kistler established an B2B e-commerce channel by implementing SAP Commerce Cloud and modernised its technology stack. As a long-time CELUM customer, Kistler chose to continue the partnership. They migrated from the on-premise Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution to a modern cloud-based Product Content Management (PCM) solution, dedicated to managing multimedia product assets at scale and seamlessly embedding them into any digital frontend. The transition was significant, involving the migration of a vast amount of digital assets to the new CELUM Product Content Management solution, now positioned as the heart of their operations.

Central Product Content Management

CELUM now serves as the centralised platform for managing, storing, and distributing Kistler‘s extensive product content, including marketing materials, data sheets, videos, images, and CAD files. Redundancies, multiple efforts, and other inefficiencies are now things of the past. All product content, whether for internal or external use, is readily available in various versions and derivatives.
Product managers are happy to have a central area for all their product information. Moreover, users, including marketing, corporate communications, and sales teams can pick out product content from CELUM and utilise it easily. Assets, such as, images and videos, are used more effectively across marketing channels, as well as in sales activities.

Enhanced Content Management

Kistler values the intuitive user interface of CELUM, finding it intuitive for everyone, enabling immediate workability. The process of uploading content into CELUM, defining its flexible metadata, and organising it, is both pleasant and crucial for the smooth operation of the solution. Additionally, the sophisticated permissions management ensures that internal and external stakeholders have access only to the intended content.

Improved Teamwork

Workflows within the organisation have been optimised with CELUM‘s centralised platform. Teams across multiple departments can collaborate more efficiently on content creation and updates. Updates, revisions, and new releases flow effortlessly, keeping stakeholders informed and engaged. Distribution has become seamless as CELUM routes content to the right audience at the right time. This has significantly improved overall productivity and coordination within the company.

Up-to-Date Website Content

This integration between SAP Commerce Cloud and CELUM Product Content Management allows for seamless product catalogue management and online ordering processes. The web team is responsible for hosting and embedding assets such as videos, images, and metadata into the website. By just pressing a button in the commerce cloud, the selected content gets directly embedded into the website. This process doesn‘t only save a lot of time, it also ensures that metadata updates, such as keywords or images, are automatically reflected in CELUM and the website. Outdated content and copywrite issues on websites are history. The SEO texts are managed in CELUM and are automatically updated on the website in seven languages.

Results and Benefits

Centralised Content Management

All product and marketing content is managed, stored, and distributed from CELUM, reducing redundancies and inefficiencies.

Efficient Website

Seamlessly embed assets and metadata into the website, guaranteeing precision and timeliness in website content updates.

Effective Marketing
and Sales

Assets like images and videos are utilised effectively across marketing channels and sales activities.

Improved Collaboration

Teams can seamlessly collaborate on content creation and updates.

Intuitive Interface

The user-friendly interface simplifies content upload, metadata organisation, and workflow processes.

Secure Asset Access 24/7

Permissions management guarantees that internal and external stakeholders have secure access to designated content at any time.

Kistler Group

Kistler is a world leader in dynamic pressure, force, torque and acceleration measurement technology. Its cutting-edge solutions help industry and research to optimise products and processes and gain a competitive edge. With unique sensing technology, they drive innovation in automotive, industrial automation and emerging sectors. With 2,200 employees across 60+ locations worldwide, Kistler focuses on key trends such as electrified drives, autonomous vehicles, emissions reduction and Industry 4.0. The Kistler Group achieved sales of CHF 465 million in 2023.


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