The Global Manufacturing Company RM Drives Collaboration


RM Group, the leading manufacturer of mobile crushers and screens, turned to CELUM to bring their digital assets together and make it easier to share content with internal and external stakeholders. With two manufacturing locations in Ireland and Austria, four sales subsidiaries across Europe and North America, as well as 100 sales partners in 110 countries, the RM Group needed a centralized, global solution to optimize their Content Supply Chain. Read on to discover how CELUM enabled the RM Group to streamline its processes, improve communication with external partners and make it simple for everyone to find the content they require.



RM Group was experiencing a situation familiar to many companies. Teams and departments across the company were saving files on different servers, with no common standards for storing or sharing assets.

Without a central place to store and access documents, it was difficult for people to find what they required. As large files cannot be sent via email, marketing teams were struggling to respond to requests from agencies and media partners for images and marketing materials.

As a global manufacturing company, RM Group needed to ensure technicians could easily obtain the right operator manual. Similarly, customers wanted to access support documents without contacting the company each time. RM Group decided to work with CELUM to offer international partners, sales teams, and customers a better product experience.

“Thanks to the integration of CELUM, a central content hub for the RM Group was established across company boundaries and our content supply chain was optimized.”
Werner Ammerer


RM Group partnered with CELUM in 2015 and opted to integrate CELUM as a Cloud solution with Microsoft Azure. CELUM quickly became popular with employees and customers alike, as word spread around the company that CELUM made it much easier to share content.

Customers love their area where they can find and download the manuals for their machines effortlessly themselves. Thanks to the RM Media World from CELUM, communication with customers and collaboration with partners improved significantly.

With a central content hub, it was possible to execute marketing initiatives more efficiently. The global marketing team at the company headquarters in Linz, the regional marketing managers at the subsidiaries and the marketing teams at trade partners were able to work together and share up to date, on-brand content for their campaigns. Sharing large files was no longer a problem. The CELUM system plays a key role in driving lead generation and lead nurturing initiatives and optimizing the content on the RM Group website.

Improved machine documentation management

Using CELUM as a centralized content management platform, the RM Group could share operating instructions, maintenance, and parts manuals even before a machine is delivered. Dealers and end customers receive the documentation as a package based on the machine’s serial number.

Use keywords to find exactly the right document

Thanks to CELUM’s search functionality, which uses metadata keywords, people found it easier to find the document they needed – even without knowing the exact document name.

Future collaboration with CELUM

RM Group plans to use the CELUM Cloud with PIM to optimize the product experience by publishing and updating consistent content across all channels.


Founded in 1991, the RM Group is the leading manufacturer of mobile crushers and screens. The headquarters in Linz and the competence center in Dungannon continue to push the boundaries of cutting-edge technology with high-performance machines for recycling and natural stone processing. The RM Group stands for open-mindedness and transparency.


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