Fresh Breath in Digital Asset Management at Ricola

The Swiss family business has 10 branches in Europe, the USA, and Asia. Through distribution partners, Ricola is active in more than 50 countries worldwide. Market managers and associated agencies are jointly responsible for regional marketing while adhering to centrally defined branding guidelines. All participants in the global distribution network are dependent on centrally provided digital assets.


Effective Coordination in Local Marketing

Distribution partners and Ricola employees in the respective countries were burdened by manual provision of relevant assets for regional agencies. What is more, in many cases these assets had to be requested from the marketing headquarters in Switzerland. Processing the inquiries was time-consuming, with marketing managers waiting a long time to receive assets while the headquarters had much of its valuable marketing resources bound. Moreover, the individual branches stored their created content only locally, as the company had no central asset library. Since Ricola increased its production of videos for social media marketing, a growing number of large-sized digital assets had to be organized.
Our digital assets were scattered across multiple storage locations. With the introduction of CELUM, we were able to raise the management of these valuable resources to a central and global level.
Johannes Fenner
Head of Global Digital Communication

A Central Hub for Content

In the fall of 2015, Ricola launched an ambitious digital strategy that included the purchase of a Digital Asset Management system. After an extensive evaluation, the decision was made in favor of CELUM. In addition, several marketing employees had already enjoyed working with the CELUM in the past.

As a long-standing partner, the Swiss IT company brix handled the implementation for Ricola. Using specially configured brix extensions, the solution, internally branded as „RICO“, was tailored and seamlessly integrated into Ricola‘s existing systems.

Using a single sign-on process (SSO), employees can access the content relevant to them and download it independently. A highly customizable user and rights management system ensures data confidentiality and protection. Agencies and sales partners can upload and exchange assets via RICO.






All digital assets are stored and managed in one central location. RICO is also popular due to its ease of use. The branding of RICO leads to a higher identification with the company, which significantly accelerates the cooperation between marketing managers. brix and CELUM also ensure the ongoing development of the RICO Content Hub.

brix and CELUM also ensure the ongoing development of RICO.

Swiss manufacturer of herb products

Ricola was founded in 1930 in Laufen, Switzerland, and is run as a family business in the third generation. As a pioneer in near-natural herb cultivation, Ricola exports its herbal specialties, which are produced exclusively in Laufen, to more than 50 countries in Europe, Asia, the Americas, and the Middle East. The company employs more than 500 people, 430 of which work in Switzerland.


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