SCOTT Sports Sets The Pace in Omnichannel Marketing

SCOTT Sports relies on the support of the Digital Asset Management Solution by CELUM for consistent omnichannel marketing. The CELUM software flexibly adapts to the changing customer requirements and also offers features for the rapidly growing areas at SCOTT Sports such as social media and video.


A consistent brand experience

SCOTT Sports is one of the best-known bicycle- and sports-brands worldwide and manages 10 own brands. The company distributes its products through a multi-branched dealer network with more than 30,000 stores in 83 countries. Thus, the multi-brand scenario is one of the biggest challenges. Every year, there are 2,600 new items that need to be marketed in two product launches per industry segment.

The SCOTT Sports image database currently encompasses 83,000 items, with an asset volume of 2 TB. The 25,000 new content objects each year include product- & action-images as well as videos, retailer- & consumer-catalogues, product descriptions, posters, banners, trade fair materials as well as material for corporate communication and PR.

Since the introduction of CELUM in 2010, the amount of image and video materials has doubled. The 3D rendering section is especially developing rapidly, in order to provide the customers with even better brand experience and to enhance the online shops and showrooms. The informative images and videos need to be distributed to the stakeholders in a timely manner without losing an overview of the licensing rights, consistent brand communication and economic profitability.

We have been using CELUM for a few years now to successfully present the dynamic world of sports to our stakeholders as a consistent brand experience.
Rolf Bigler
DAM & eCommerce Manager

DAM as a Hub in Omnichannel Marketing

In 2010, the CELUM solution was seamlessly integrated without any problems via an open.api into the existing systems such as SAP, hybris PIM, WebToPrint, Adobe Suite, social media, CAD, ECM/DMS, viewing platform, web-shops, portals/CMS as well as individual other systems.

The CELUM Digital Asset Management Software was implemented as a complete cloud solution with Amazon AWS. Since its implementation, the CELUM DAM solution has been developing further in conjuncture with SCOTT Sports and flexibly adapts to the changing demands.


1.7 Mio.


2 TB



That way, CELUM enables SCOTT Sports to run consistent omnichannel marketing for its different brands: via email, websites, social media, dealer portals, and print catalogs. In doing so, they all centrally retrieve media files from CELUM, in part automatically, and in part through clear rules in the editorial process and corresponding workflows. To do so, CELUM converts the assets into the media formats that are needed to download them or pushes them directly into the connected systems.

Thanks to the intelligent, fine-detailed user management system, different target groups such as consumers, importers, media & press, sports retailers and specialist retailers or the above-mentioned channels can be supplied with the content that is intended for them with differently timed delays. Furthermore, the digital assets are also processed by CELUM to be SEO-optimized for SCOTT Sports.

Worldwide renowned manufacturer of bikes and sports equipment

Founded in 1958 in the USA, SCOTT Sports is a leading company in the development, production, distribution, and marketing of high-end performance products for the areas of biking, winter sports, motorsports, and running. It has been most successful in the European markets already since 1978. Innovation, technology, and design are the essence of SCOTT products and the vision shared by our engineers and designers.


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