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The foundation of every CELUM DAM release is the promise to deliver value to our customers and partners.

As usual, the March release of CELUM DAM brings the balanced mix of new business features, enhanced extension points and technology updates. The most important innovations:

GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation Convenience Features

The legal basis for the General Data Protection Regulation was created more than two years ago. New, however, is that with May 25, 2018, companies can be prosecuted for non-compliance - organizations across Europe are therefore confronted with major challenges.

The good news: CELUM DAM helps you to implement the necessary processes through 1. Privacy by Design and 2. the convenience features introduced with DAM Core 5.13.2.

Cookie Policy

If you allow your CELUM DAM instance to be accessed via public network, you are now able to display the current cookie policy of your organization on the CELUM DAM login screen.

CELUM DAM offers two options – in variant one a hint pointing to the policy is simply displayed until the user confirms the policy once:

In variant two, the user’s confirmation is explicitly required before the login request can go through:

Administrators can select which variant is used and adapt the wording of the policy at any time via CELUM Configuration Management.

Terms of Use

Also new is the ability to display users after the first login the valid Terms of Use for your CELUM DAM instance and to have the approval confirmed:

The information about the users consent is centrally recorded and is available for administrators’ use.

Editing Text Assets

CELUM DAM as the central content hub of your organization now also supports the management of text content! These text blocks can be uploaded to the DAM and adjusted directly within the application:

The text modules can then be reused in authoring leaflets, for example via CELUM creative.connect, or forwarded to third-party systems (such as PIM, eCommerce, etc.) via the interfaces offered by CELUM DAM.

SmartViews – Search

We have completely reworked the search in SmartViews. Filters can now be flexibly defined for each SmartView and combined with the full-text search:

Further enhancements

We have implemented over 130 changes and improvements for you in the new CELUM DAM release. The details can be found as usual in the release notes available on https://portal.celum.com

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