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The summer release of CELUM Digital Asset Management offers improvements and new-developments especially in user guidance and administration.


PIN landing page – New design & new features

A PIN is CELUM’s self-developed, unique way to share digital assets instantly with internal or external users through a hyperlink. Link recipients can download the desired content though the PIN Landing Page. The Landing Page has been re-designed in the current release. The page is completely responsive and can now be customized to fit any corporate design. Header images, logos, colors: Create an individual landing page for your company and present your content in an appealing way. The landing page provides additional filtering and sorting options so you can easily find the assets you need without losing time. The download process has also been extremely simplified and now offers a one-click option for instant downloading of all available assets. The possibility of making supplemental and information texts available in multiple languages completes the new features of the landing page.

Easily share assets

Asset sharing has been improved and simplified with the redesigned PIN landing page. Now it’s much easier to share content with other DAM system users or external target groups. A PIN can be created, copied to the clipboard and shared with the desired recipient with a single click. Predefined settings and configurations reduce the number of steps required and support quick and responsive operation.

Assets Teilen 1

Assets Teilen 2

Assets Teilen 3

The new System Bar

The System Bar on the left side of the application provides grouped access for every user to the entire range of products in the CELUM Content Productivity Platform. It provides direct access and seamless interaction between the CELUM products Digital Asset Management, Marketing Project Management and Content Marketplace. Functionality has also been transferred from the menu to the System Bar. This provides for more transparency and clarity.

Die neue Systemleiste

Did you know?

CELUM Content Marketplace powered by Contidio is a cloud service for creating and sharing digital content securely. These features can also be used comprehensively with the integration of CELUM DAM and the Content Marketplace.

So digital assets can be published and shared directly to the marketplace from CELUM DAM. And new content can also be acquired and easily downloaded and reused in DAM. Of course, any license information associated with the asset for purchased content is also transferred directly to CELUM DAM and can be verified there at any time. That means it’s very easy to keep an overview of purchased assets that are only available in DAM and assets that have already been published on a Space in the Marketplace.

Technical enhancements for administrators

For perfekt integration and adaptability of our products to customer specific requriements, CELUM constantly invests in an ongoing development of SDK functionalities.

A brief overview of extensions from the current release:

  • Query user by e-mail and username.
  • Query all user groups to which a specific user is assigned
  • Clickable bullets: Set different values ​​(e.g. icon, title) and assign actions to them
  • User queries provide additional information on users (e.g. first name, last name, email address, company, etc.)
  • Add and remove users to/from user groups
  • Introduction of new events in the application (e.g. user created, conversion preview is finished, assign user to group, etc.)
  • Query to unique Download Format Business Key


New conversion features:

  • Multipage Documents Preview

Configure, which and how many preview types are to be generated for multipage documents. These configurations can also be made for specific types of data.

  • Metadata extraction

The entire process of extracting metadata has been improved. The readout duration was significantly shortened and the upload process is not interrupted even when no metadata could be extracted. 

  • eBook formats

Transcoding of popular eBook formats to the PDF format is now available when downloading.