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New Product Release – June 2018


Summer, Sun, Super-DAM! For our CELUM DAM summer release we have focused on refreshing usability improvements – true to our promise to always deliver added value to our customers and partners.

The most important changes are summarized below:

EU-GDPR – Convenience Features

With the last release (DAM 18.3) we had already shipped all necessary tools to enable your organization to implement the EU data protection regulation. With DAM 18.6 we have made the administration of the data protection options even easier:

Privacy Policy

The system now supports managing a Privacy Policy separately from Terms of Use. The Privacy Policy can be maintained for all supported UI languages by an administrator using the CELUM DAM management application.

Users must consent to the currently valid version of the policy immediately after login, in order to being able to work with the system. The approval status is persisted in each users’ profile.

If there is a new version of the policy, the administrator may resubmit the new policy to all users for mandatory approval.

Transparency and traceability

The currently valid versions of both the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy can now be viewed by users of the DAM at any time via the Help menu.

The user registration form on the login screen now also requires consenting to both policies before the request to create a user account is sent to the DAM server.

In addition, the system now documents all policy changes by the administrator, i.e. changing the content of a policy and resetting the approval state for all users. These changes are documented in the application servers’ log file.

Access your media - everywhere

Public URLs management

We understand CELUM DAM to be the central content hub of your organization, and with the introduction of the Public URLs feature with DAM 18.1 we have significantly expanded the content orchestration capabilities or our solution: with it, public references to your published images, documents (e.g. in a CDN) and videos (e.g. on YouTube) can now be managed as part of the standard data model.

With DAM 18.6 these capabilities are now fully mature:

  • An asset’s public URLs are now displayed in detail view
  • All CELUM orchestration- and export tools are now working with public URLs – this includes all CELUM Backstage connectors (YouTube, Movingimage, Microsoft Azure Blob Storage and Media Services, Web Server) as well as the new SAP Hybris integration expected in early July.
  • Public URLs can now be retrieved via the CELUM DAM REST API (CORA); We also extended the CELUM SDK to allow our integration partners the use of the public URLs feature in their solutions.


As of July 2018, we will launch our all-around carefree package for accelerating your media delivery - CELUM CDN. This will make your media globally available and delivered securely and with low latency. You can simply add the CDN option to your existing DAM solution and we'll take care of the initial setup, whether you're running the DAM on-premise or already in the cloud.

For details please contact your CELUM consultant or sales representative; more information also in next months newsletter - stay tuned!

Share content

We’ve simplified the task of collaborating with your colleagues: Saved searches can now be shared via direct link with other DAM users. This allows people to continue working with the same search configuration and does away with the need to always create a collection first.

Also, we have added the “Share” functionality directly to the Active Menu – the perfect shortcut for creating PIN links.

…and much more!

In CELUM DAM 18.6 we have implemented more than 95 changes and improvements – the details will be available shortly in the release notes document on https://portal.celum.com