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How a Content Delivery Network (CDN) Can Help You to Get in Touch with Your Customers

Finding the best way to approach customers is becoming an ever increasing challenge for many businesses. Overstimulated by classic and social media as well as online offerings, content about products and services has become hard to notice.

A carefully judged intensity and exceptional content across various channels are key in being seen and actually noticed by the right target groups. The consistent provision of multimedia content - such as high-resolution images or videos - takes on a central role.

If you want your products and services to succeed multi-nationally, you will increasingly be confronted with content tailored by region and language. This has to be efficiently managed and provided at the planned time at the planned location.

If you want to impress your customers, don’t make any mistakes: or your content might take too long to load or even not show up on the customer’s chosen end device.

If you want to rise to this challenge, you should use the advantages of central asset management as provided by a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system. An automatic output to the CDN lets you provide digital content worldwide.

What one such solution could look like:

  • A central DAM system where all assets can be allocated meta data and be included in output to the CDN.
  • A tool that can evaluate this data and that manages (provides, updates and deletes) assets in the required format either periodically or on an events-led basis and returns CDN URLs to the DAM system.
  • A CDN service provider that provides content online ensuring the right cost/benefit ratio.

This customer approach supported by high-quality content requires highly efficient digital infrastructure. DAM, PIM, CMS or an online shop: all systems profit from the high availability and performance of a CDN.

With CELUM CDN, CELUM now offers such a solution. The customer can decide whether they want a full-service package that provides all services (including CDN service) via CELUM or whether they want CELUM to develop a custom version completely tailored to the customer’s needs.