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3 things a DAM champion would never do

Have you decided to introduce a DAM system? Great! But first of all you need a team to push the project forward. A DAM system is a valuable investment, and its introduction is a challenging task that requires specific skills. You need a real leader for your DAM project who keeps an overview, never settles on a half-done job, is an absolute organizational talent, and can lead the project to success: A true DAM champion. That’s why we want to tell you about 3 things a true DAM champion would never do:

 1. A true DAM champion never acts without involving the stakeholders

Pure expertise alone is not enough. DAM champions are team players, communication professionals and knowledge managers. Talking to stakeholders and identifying their various needs is one of the core tasks before launching a DAM project. During the implementation, a true DAM champion continuously reports on progress and problems. If something goes wrong, it can be fixed quickly with agility. And all stakeholders feel taken seriously and see themselves as part of the project. This lays the foundation for the new system being accepted by everyone later. A DAM champion and their project team ensure that no knowledge silos arise. They know the strengths and weaknesses of team members and offer them room for further development. In the event of crises and problems, they remain calm and confident and offer constructive criticism. If there is a problem, a true DAM champion is always there.

 2. A true DAM champion is never afraid of change

Introducing a DAM system is a change process. It will change the company sustainably and lead to optimized processes within the company. Not only technical and organizational changes are relevant for this. It also requires a willingness to change the culture of the company. But people are often hesitant and hostile to change. A particular challenge here is motivating all employees to actively shape change. A successful DAM manager drives the development of visions and knows how to solve blockages. Not only do they want change, they can also awaken it in others.

 3. A true DAM champion never thinks in terms of the small picture

They always think in an integrated way. A DAM system is not an isolated solution. It is the heart of a complex structure.  As a centralized content management unit, it is linked, for example, to existing PIM, eCommerce or web content management systems in order to be able to publish digital content easily and quickly across all marketing and distribution channels. How the solutions can be integrated depends on both the technical possibilities of the systems used and on the specific requirements of the users. A DAM manager always keeps an eye on the big picture.