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Organize your YouTube Channels centrally and easily with CELUM

YouTube Connector

The YouTube Connector from CELUM enables workflow-driven synchronization of your videos from CELUM to YouTube. In doing so, you can assign your videos directly to the selected channels, including the appropriate metadata, and view statistics of your published content at any time. Whether manual or scheduled, you decide how and when to publish your content as well as seeing the effective publishing status of your videos at all times. CELUM serves as a central system for the use of all of your media content.

Use YouTube as CDN: CELUM manages the URLs for the different video formats and distributes them to websites or e-commerce platforms.

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Advantages at a Glance

YouTube Connector offers ...

Timed publishing of videos

Export metadata across channels (single-source-of-truth)

Synchronize channel structures fully automated

View videos, metadata and statistics directly from YouTube in CELUM

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