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Synchronizes product information from akeneo PIM and product assets (images, videos, documents) from CELUM DAM in order to provide third-party systems (e.g. e-commerce or publishing systems)  a unified view on your products.

The product assets are managed in CELUM DAM, the product information in akeneo PIM. Using akeneo:connect, CELUM DAM synchronizes the product structure (including attributes) from akeneo PIM as metadata. After assigning the product assets to this structure, CELUM DAM provides the associated preview images, the CELUM IDs and links to the product assets to akeneo PIM via the connector.

The third party systems can then download the corresponding product assets from akeneo PIM via links in the desired download formats. The connector features a user-friendly settings dialog in CELUM DAM for configuring the synchronization (import and export) of the product assets with akeneo PIM and the API settings (user, link, client ID).

Requires: akeneo 2.3, CELUM 5.13

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