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brix:papilio Connect links assets organized in CELUM Content Hub with the web-to-print solution brix:papilio. Business stationery, advertisements, posters, fact sheets, flyers and brochures are efficiently generated using up-to-date versions of CELUM assets. The output is provided as PDF (preview, office, print) or other data formats.

With this web-based solution, companies and their business units can easily generate personalized marketing materials that are 100% CI/CD-compliant, which significantly reduces the workload on marketing and graphics departments. brix:papilio users do not require any specific knowledge about CELUM or layout software. The application is intuitive and has a live preview.

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The brix:papilio Connect was developed by

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The advantages at a glance

brix:papilio Connect offers

consistently adhere to CI/CD

increase productivity

reduce production costs

Produce safely

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