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A content delivery network (CDN) helps you with your digital customer contact

As globalization increases, so does the number of communication channels, volume of content and required currentness of information. In turn, this increases the demands on the technology that provides this content. A custom CELUM CDN, combined with CELUM digital asset management, now provides all the functions you could need to this end.

In your DAM system, you can set which assets and media formats are provided via the content delivery network and should be constantly synchronized. Then the CDN takes over optimized global provision of your assets.

Web site visitors benefit from a better performance, as CELUM CDN increases the availability of assets embedded on the web pages and reduces load times.


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Advantages at a Glance

CELUM CDN offers ...

Consistent brand presence

Efficiency through automation & avoiding duplicates

Globally consistent availability & performance

High level of adaptability to customer needs

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