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Access all media assets directly in your CMS

CMS and DAM are often run independently of each other. The equation “CMS + DAM = efficiency gain” always applies. CELUM FirstSpirit Connect enables fast integration of FirstSpirit CMS and CELUM DAM and thus achieves better time-to-productivity. Via the usual FirstSpirit CMS interface, the editors have access to the collective media assets in the CELUM DAM. This prevents duplicates, provides and overview and streamlines the workflow. In just a few clicks, the media can be checked, selected, adjusted and be inserted into the web pages generated by FirstSpirit. This means that the strengths of both systems remain and web content can be published faster.

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Advantages at a Glance

CELUM FirstSpirit Connect offers ...

Central storage of all media assets & direct application in FirstSpirit

Fast integration via interfaces

Simple operation directly in the FirstSpirit editing system

Automatic monitoring of Copyright licenses

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