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Easily synchronize your Digital Assets from CELUM with Informatica PIM.

The Informatica Connector offers you three powerful functionalities for synchronizing assets between CELUM Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Informatica Product Information Management (PIM):

  1. Digital Assets from CELUM can be filed directly and seamlessly in Informatica with the Informatica Connector.
  2. Original files or derivatives can be made available for CELUM when exporting from Informatica.
  3. A defined comparison of metadata from CELUM is available in Informatica.


For joint customers, the connector offers the significant advantage of a  seamless interface between CELUM and Informatica. Therefore, the clean content in CELUM can be integrated in Informatica with minimum effort. The connector thus saves valuable working time as the data only has to be maintained in one place and can be referred to existing databases from CELUM.

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