Marketing happens everywhere.

Now your content is ready to follow.


Intuitive content distribution and orchestration.

Time is Now on Your Side

Stop worrying about deadlines and embargos. Provide content with absolute precision to all your channels and platforms.

Powerful Interface

Distribute your content to all your platforms with a click while analyzing the performance and meta data on the fly.

Content Distribution

The MS Azure-powered content distribution network (CDN) supports your assets with best-in-class availability and speed.

AI Similarity Search

The similarity service uses a specifically trained neural network to identify visually similar assets in your repository.

share content

Boost your personalized brand visibility with content portals.

Content Delivery

Master complex content distribution easily by delivering the right content to the right people, every time and with every complexity.

Powerful Scalability

From a single file to small portal or even full access to your entire content vault – scale your distribution with just a few clicks.

Corporate Branding

Use our white-labelling options to create your corporate branded content portal. No matter if it‘s for partners, public or internal purposes: we ensure a UX that reflects your brand.

Share with Everyone

With the magic of a few clicks your team can share every single file with external partners – fully GDPR compliant and without any additional tools.

Control ACCESS

Organize content and control access.

Smart Metadata

Align all your marketing tools to ensure efficient usage across the entire content ecosystem with a smart, multi-layered metadata system.

Filter & Find Your Files

Finding, not searching. Slice and dice your entire content asset vault and put your files to work instantly.

GDPR-ready Access

Make sure the right people get the right information. Avoid compliance issues easily by providing appropriate access on multiple levels.

Manage the Full Lifecycle

Empower your users to use the most current and approved assets by sunsetting outdated files. Never worry about copyright issues again.

Celum drive

Sync files compliant and safe.

Always up to date

Always carry the latest batch of content with you – on any device. You can stop worrying about your next meeting as you always bring the latest files with you.

Smart Syncing

Our platform only syncs those files that are approved and relevant for your work. Don‘t carry dead weight or outdated files with you.

Manage what you sync

Sync scope and rhythm can either be defined by users or centrally. You are in control to deliver for every employee the right files at the right time.

GDPR-ready remote control

You decide what happens to files once employees or external partners leave the organization or the project. File syncing done right.

Extend your Digital Asset Management with seamless collaboration

Combine CELUM ContentHub with WorkRooms and cover the full content lifecycle: Set up agile marketing workflows, provide a transparent teamwork experience, and easily review and approve all content before going live.