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CELUM delivers key marketing and content management features to manage enormous volumes of product SKUs across complex multilingual systems. CELUM’s rich heritage grew out of a proud tradition of designing solutions for big manufacturers; we really understand the detailed business processes and challenges faced by large, multi-national, multi-billion dollar revenue companies

5 Key Topics

Huge volume of content

Many users with different roles

Integration with ERP, CRM, PIM & many other systems

Multilingual& translation scenarios

3rd party collaboration partners

Your Advantages

What clients achieve with CELUM

  • Dynamic content creation
  • Multi brand allocation and content relationship management
  • Compliance enabled management of product documentation
  • Secure content management by multiple security zone setup
  • 10,000+ users and 10,000,000+ assets scaling range
  • Extended PowerPoint management functions
Michael Tusch

Michael Tusch


“By using CELUM, we were able to cut our production period from the photo shoot to the completed product brochure to one month, and production costs are a mere third of what they used to be.“

Success Story


Claas, der europäische Marktführer für Mähdrescher, hatte folgendes Problem: 200.000 digitale Assets managen. Die Anforderungen waren hoch, aber lösbar. Das Unternehmen nutzt nun das CELUM Digital Asset Management als zentralen Content Hub. 

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