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Inspiration, knowledge transfer and great contacts: that’s what the annual Fifteen Seconds festival in Graz stands for. CELUM visited recently, and our feedback on the event is very positive indeed.


  • First of all, we want to thank everyone who visited our stand. We were presenting our newest product: Marketing Project Management - a solution for people that actually hate managing projects, so it’s all the more satisfying when they’re completed. The many questions we had about Marketing Project Management made us very happy.
  • Huge credit to the organisers: the organisation was simply perfect. Everything ran smoothly.
  • We developed and built our stand in cooperation with Papertown, who provided top notch support for our presentation.


The Talks:


As well as exhibitors and networking, the talks are an important part of Fifteen Seconds. As usual, the balance was right: from boring, self-praising presentations to real inspiration, there was a bit of everything. There were some highlights that we couldn’t keep from you:


  • Sebastian Bertling, Social Media Project Manager at Mercedes-Benz, introduced the car manufacturer’s Instagram strategy: what target groups the car manufacturer is addressing, what influencers are being targeted and what hashtags are being used. For example, Bertling’s team not only uses tools to evaluate an Instagram post’s likes and shares, but also extra tools for emojis. For example, the camera emoji does better with Mercedes than the fire emoji.

  • CELUM also held a talk: CEO Michael Kräftner spoke of his career, which has experienced a few highs and lows over the last 18 years. He gave the audience a few tips as to how they can circumnavigate some of the problems that come with managing a company:
  • Pick something that deeply drives you, that naturally become your mission.Michael Kräftner CEO CELUM Fifteen seconds
  • There are things that your cannot plan or influence, but always react  swiftly – lethargy kills.            
  • Sometimes you should be bold and maybe crazy, as long as you keep your initial mission in mind
  • The first five costumers are much easier to win than the next five.
  • Tech founders tend to forget that even the best products don’t sell themselves.
  •  If there is a problem with your organisation, it is very likely a people thing. Fix this first before you change any process.
  • Embrace and respect your people – have conversations with your team to listen, not to reply.
  • And the most important one: Do what you love!
  • Finding ideas: the European design boss at Drohenbauer DJI, Felix Dürichen, presented his process for coming up with ideas. It was exciting to learn about the roadblocks that come up along the way i.e. when reality hits.

    His job: to develop a colour design for a white drone.
    His idea: cover the drone in as many national flags as possible, e.g. USA, Great Britain, China.
    His feedback: DJI’s Chinese representative told him that the Chinese flag is not allowed on a drone. And his idea died a death.

            Dürichen said: an idea can be as good as you like, but there is always a limit. There is only one degree

            between an idea being too boring and   too "out there”. Both would scare off a client.

  • Håkan Nordkvist, Head of Sustainability Innovation at Ikea, opened his talk with the following sentence: “Instead of thinking outside the box, get rid of the box.” He deals with sustainability for this furniture giant: an extremely important value for the company. Will what we’re doing have a positive impact - even when it comes to processes, products and sales? The result: Ikea has now decided to produce and sell solar panels.

  • Flixbus co-founder Daniel Kraus spoke of the company’s founding and culture, especially their rapid growth that saw the company increase from three founders to 1,000 employees in just a few years. Interesting: staff at Flixbus choose the projects that they want to work on. This increases satisfaction and leads to less resentment, as they made the decisions themselves. Obviously a trend: Andreas Hauser, SVP Design Services at SAP spoke of exactly the same process in his talk. The world of work seems to be changing.


Our summary: Fifteen Seconds is worth the trip! We’re already looking forward to next year.