brix:papilio Connect

Comfortably use your CELUM digital assets for
brix:Papilio Web-to-Print.

brix:papilio Connect links assets organized in CELUM ContentHub with the web-to-print solution brix:papilio.

Business stationery, advertisements, posters, fact sheets, flyers and brochures are efficiently generated using up-to-date versions of CELUM assets. The output is provided as PDF (preview, office, print) or other data formats.

With this web-based solution, companies and their business units can easily generate personalized marketing materials that are 100% CI/CD-compliant, which significantly reduces the workload on marketing and graphics departments.

brix:papilio users do not require any specific knowledge about CELUM or layout software. The application is intuitive and has a live preview.

Increase productivity

Web-based, multi-client capable, CI/CD-compliant templates, CELUM connectivity and additional integration options.

Reduce production costs

Decentralized production of personalized, individualized and localized publications – sustained savings on creative costs.

Produce safely

Workflow, centralized approval process, ordering of special formats and detailed usage statistics.

Consistently adhere to CI/CD

100 % CI/CD-compliant creation of publications with fixed and variable elements as well as defined dependencies on each other.


Individual material for marketing and corporate communication can be created independently by all users in brix:papilio. A release workflow can be triggered for selected templates or deviations from the standard.


A company with different locations for instance could use the same template in brix:papilio and depending on region and language automatically adapt the content to regional conditions.

Browse templates in CELUM ContentHub and create publications directly in the DAM.

Dynamic filters can be configured for the selection of CELUM assets for the use in brix:papilio.

Proof of use of the CELUM assets referenced in brix:papilio.

Automatically delete publications when deleting GDPR-relevant assets in CELUM ContentHub.

System Requirements

CELUM ContentHub 5.12.4 and higher
brix:papilio 7.0 available as SaaS or On-Prem

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