Salesforce Sales Cloud

Coming soon. The integration is currently under development by CGI.

Unleash the power of media assets for your sales communication

The users of Salesforce Sales Cloud get access to assets, which are stored centrally in CELUM, with the purpose of using them for various use cases of Sales Cloud. For instance, attaching media to individual e-mails intended for prospects and customers. Digital Rights Management in CELUM guarantees that only approved assets are used and sent out.

In Salesforce Sales Cloud, the file is linked to the e-mail conversation, so the company can monitor which information has been sent out to the prospect or customer.

The search of suitable assets e.g. for a proposal, is executed directly in the central media asset library. The sales staff can only attach approved assets and select each media asset individually in approved formats and sizes.

Sales Cloud users get access to the latest version of your approved brand assets.

The integration allows Sales Cloud users to explore the media content either by keyword search or by visual search.

All information sent to prospects and customers is documented in salesforce Sales Cloud.

CELUM automatically provides the right format and size of media assets to the writer of proposals in Salesforce.

Complete view of customers

The entire communications log (including attached media) with a lead or customer is stored in the Salesforce Account. This assures that all individuals working with the dedicated customer can see all provided information.


The Sales Cloud user can browse through the DAM content in order to find suitable assets through metadata (item number, keyword etc.) related to the conversation in his proposal to the customers.


Provide easy access to centrally managed media assets

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Stay in the familiar Salesforce user interface while connecting to CELUM

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Speed up your communication efforts with CELUMs powerful search capabilities

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Always keep track of updated assets and revisions

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