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Empower your brand by enriching product information with attractive content

Tomorrow’s market leaders should be able to offer a holistic experience across all channels. Placing your brand right at the heart of any customer experience implies exquisite content. It plays a key role in this ecosystem.

SAP® Commerce™ and CELUM together bring your content efforts to full potential. They are acting as a one central media backbone for all your content orchestration activities. This enables you to create an engaging and consistent brand appearance, by enriching product information with attractive content. As a result, your team will be empowered to do product content management more effectively.

SAP Connector for Digital Asset Management (DAM)


CELUM Connect for SAP® Commerce™ has been seamlessly integrated into the back-office of SAP® Product Content Management. Users never need to leave the interface they are familiar with.

AVOID Copies

The connector can provide assets in the form of physical copies, reference to the CELUM DAM, or reference to an existing Content Delivery Network (CDN), provided they are available in the DAM.


Automatic mapping maximizes convenience and impact for marketing. In CELUM, you can use asset-level metadata to determine which attribute of a product should be associated with that asset. In addition, you can define in SAP® whether updates should also be made automatically or manually.


Based on your role in SAP®, you can access interfaces to search and allocate assets and compare versions of an asset as well as configuration and administration interfaces. When manually searching and allocating assets, the user is only offered assets that comply with their specific DAM rights.

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Consistent brand presence


Efficiency through automation

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High level of adaptability to customer needs

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Avoiding duplicates

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