CELUM OfficeLink by CI HUB

With CELUM OfficeLink, you can import your documents and images directly from CELUM into the entire Microsoft 365 product line.
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Easy management of Microsoft Office documents

Creating and managing documents with CELUM OfficeLink powered by CI HUB can be as easy as this.

Work in your preferred work environment and access the latest and approved content you need for your tasks without ever having to switch between different systems. Import product images, logos, metatexts and other content directly into the Microsoft Office product range. Documents, tables or presentations can be easily created and then directly stored in CELUM. With CELUM OfficeLink you can use current image and media material across all publication channels.

The integration is immediately applicable. Developed by CI HUB.


An optimal user experience thanks to the use of the familiar Microsoft interface.

Access documents in CELUM directly from the Microsoft Office product range.

Access to and placement of metadata.

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Placing metadata

Use all asset metadata within Microsoft Office for your descriptions and text and place it via drag&drop.

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Search through your media collection directly from Microsoft Office to easily place via drag&drop any necessary files to your documents

Group 60

Working in the familiar Microsoft interface guarantees an outstanding user experience

Group 59

Direct access to CELUM from within the Microsoft Office product range

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Quickly and efficiently access and place metadata

See how CELUM seamlessly works with CELUM OfficeLink by CI HUB.

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