CELUM ContentLand

Integrate assets managed in CELUM directly into any website.

With CELUM ContentLand, you can integrate your CELUM ContentHub assets as image and video galleries or document downloads into existing websites or portals – in a simple and flexible way. This keeps them up to date at all times and eliminates the need for manual maintenance in your CMS, website or portal.

CELUM ContentLand consists of a CELUM extension for the backend and a collection of components (modular jQuery plugins) for the frontend. The components allow the simple integration of CELUM ContentHub assets in nearly every web-based platform – completely in your corporate design.

Seamless integration

CELUM ContentLand can be seamlessly integrated into any website – it requires no iFrame or microsite and can be used as an API.


The frontend plug-ins can be combined individually so that you are able to customize your CMS integration.


Leverages extensive caching, which is scalable with reverse proxies or CDN, ensures a stable performance – even during high traffic.


The seamless integration makes most of the components inherit your website design. Further CSS adjustments are possible.


Currently available: Gallery View, Masonry View, Collage View, Breadcrums, Chips, Tree View, Table View, Detail View, Copy to Clipboard, Terms of Use, Download Basket, Asset Marker, Lightbox

You can also use your own frontend plug-ins.


Additional integrations with third-party systems can be realized without much effort through events and callbacks.

CELUM ContentLand can not only be integrated with your CMS, but also with e.g. Sharepoint.

Simple integration of CELUM ContentHub assets into almost all web-based platforms.

Facet search with its own search index, so that the search filters always lead to a result.

CELUM user per endpoint.

Powerful API for integration into applications when the frontend plug-ins aren’t used.


CELUM ContentLand – Standard Edition (1 Endpoint, no authentification)
Additional endpoints (1 or 5 additional)

CELUM ContentLand – Enterprise Edition (unlimited endpoints, access protection, registered download)

System requirements

CELUM ContentHub 5.12.4 and higher

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