Face Recognition for CELUM

Face Recognition for CELUM allows you to use AI in recognizing faces with full control over your data

The Face Recognition extension for CELUM allows you to use the power of artificial intelligence in recognizing faces on images.

If the face recognition service recognizes faces within an image, the name of the recognized persons is set as metadata. This helps you in identifying persons on images as well as searching for these persons within the CELUM Content Hub.

The extension is GDRP compliant, as your data is being processed solely within your IT.

Easy re-tagging of images

Make use of all the images within your system. With Face Recognition’s “save unknown” feature you can easily map names to new and existing images – simply with just a few clicks.

GDPR compatibility

GDPR requires you to have a list of persons visible on images. With the help of Face Recognition for CELUM Content Hub it is easy to have this list available at any time.

Face Recognition for CELUM was developed by Hoerl Logo

Advantages at a glance

Make use of up-to-date AI technologies to identify faces

Full control over your data – hosting within your IT infrastructure

Easy to use technique, seamlessly integrated into your CELUM Content Hub

Development completely in Germany

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