Face Recognition with Microsoft Azure

Capture faces and emotions automatically in seconds with AI

The Face Recognition extension is a powerful solution for marketing, PR, HR and IT.

With the help of AI, people — regardless of age, gender or skin color — can be identified with high precision on static images and categorized by name. In addition to identifying people, the face recognition technology enables capturing age, emotion, gender, posture or facial hair.

Optionally, the documentation of background objects or logo is possible.

The extension supports the specific requirements of corporate media management and provides innovative improvement in the handling and usage of media assets. At the same time, compliance with the GDPR is guaranteed.

Automated face recognition

Thanks to the use of AI you can identify people in images within seconds. Other automatically captured features can be saved as metadata. Automate your posting process in social media with this feature.

GDPR Compliant

Stay internally GDPR compliant! With the Face Recognition Connector, you can quickly and easily get an overview of all employee images in your DAM inventory and delete the images immediately if the publication rights
are revoked.

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Advantages at a glance

Automatic face recognition and identification of persons

Constantly evolving algorithms from Microsoft Azure

Use of machine learning to capture emotions and other characteristics as metadata

Utilizing the potential of Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services

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