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Seamlessly access and use CELUM assets in OpenText Website Management.
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The OpenText integration enables CMS editors to seamlessly access suitable CELUM assets

The integration between CELUM’s Digital Asset Management and OpenText Website Management (OTWSM) gives online editors direct access to their centrally managed digital assets – without system breaks.

The editorial interface of the OpenText Website Management (WSM) is directly integrated with the CELUM Asset Picker. From their working environment, editors now have seamless access to all appropriate assets in the DAM and can use them directly in the CMS. Thereby, a complete usage record of the asset’s use on the website is stored at the asset in CELUM and mutual referencing is ensured. Outdated or no longer suitable assets on the website are therefore a thing of the past.

The best practice project is customisable to your specific needs. Developed by intentive.


The OpenText Web Site Management integration enables the use of the CELUM Asset Picker directly from the familiar editorial interface of the CMS.

Single Sign On (SSO) ensures that the OTWSM Management Server (OTMS) user can access the assets designated for him and use them in his CMS articles without re-logging into CELUM.

The use in OTWSM is reported back to CELUM by the integration, so that the assets in CELUM show in which CMS articles they are used.

With the central storage of all assets in CELUM and the direct use in the CMS, a uniform image language is ensured across all channels.

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Seamless work

Thanks to the seamless UI integration of the CELUM Asset Picker into the familiar interface of the OpenText Web Site Management CMS, the editor uses the assets in CELUM intuitively and without interruption. Thanks to Single Sign On, there is also no need to log in again, which significantly increases the convenience of using both systems.

proof of use

The use in OTWSM is reported back to CELUM by the integration, so that the assets in CELUM show in which CMS articles they are used. This gives the DAM editors a complete overview of the downstream use of their assets.


Use your CELUM assets directly in the CMS

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Keep track of which assets are used in OTWSM

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Avoid duplicates and use the same assets across your organisation


Optimise your workflow efficiently and consistently

See how CELUM seamlessly works with OpenText WSM.

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