Efficiently manage and consistently present your multimedia content

Microsoft SharePoint® is one of the most used ­Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems worldwide. Not only does it support companies in creating websites but helps saving precious time by automating business processes, and simplifying management & presentation of documents.

CELUM sharepoint.connect combines the possibilities offered by Microsoft SharePoint® with the efficient Digital Asset Management (DAM) functions of CELUM to create a comprehensive business solution for the management and presentation of digital content.

Efficiently manage and share digital content with the seamless integration of Microsoft SharePoint® and CELUM

Microsoft SharePoint® uses so called App Parts to ­display e.g. texts on websites. CELUM sharepoint.connect lets you use content directly from CELUM, by using such App Parts. This means that the range of functions ­offered by Microsoft SharePoint® is expanded by the diverse ­possibilities in CELUM for editing, searching and ­managing digital assets.

CELUM Asset Viewer

The Asset Viewer App Part allows you to embed multi­media content galleries in Microsoft SharePoint® sites. Users can profit from the many view and configuration options, such as thumbnail, detail or full screen for photos, videos and multi-page documents. The ­displayed metadata can be individually defined for each view. Additionally, the content is available via download with the approved formats from CELUM for further use.

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Advantages at a glance

Access via the familiar Microsoft SharePoint® interface for optimal user experience

Consistent product and brand appearance due to central content management

Seamless integration to CELUM via App Parts

CELUM sharepoint.connect is available in the Cloud and also On-Premise

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