The project integration is customizable to your specific needs. Developed by brix.

The Vimeo integration massively simplifies multichannel publishing

With the Vimeo integration, you can manage your video campaigns on the Vimeo streaming platform directly via CELUM, using it as the central system to manage your video content.

The Vimeo integration allows you to synchronize your videos with Vimeo in a simple and straightforward way. You define the metadata mapping via the Orchestration Module included in CELUM. Titles or short descriptions, for example, can be transferred directly from CELUM. In addition, you can configure the frequency at which the synchronization should take place and determine whether your videos should be published automatically. You can also select one or more presentation channels.

Handle all your video content centrally out of CELUM.

Synchronizes your video content automatically to the Vimeo platform.

Map relevant metadata fields which should be transferred to Vimeo during the export.

Select one or more publication channels.

Publish videos automatically

Publish product videos stored in your CELUM automatically to the Vimeo platform, without having to switch the system.

Manage publication channels

Choose between one or more presentation channels when publishing videos to make sure you address the right audience.

Group 110

Configurable export intervals

Group 78

Metadata Export

Group 9

Vimeo Publication Channel Support

Group 107

Automated Video publishing

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