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Partner – Business
Skillz Middle East
Building on the principles of business consulting Skillz ME is an adviser and supplier of business solutions in the creative industry and tailor-made customer communication solutions with extended service offering. The business approach is customer oriented specializing in fulfillment of customer needs rather than specializing in certain products. Skillz ME team of professionals with more […]
Partner – Implementation
“Stability ensures a solid and secure basis.” Since the founding in 1975, SPH AG provides true value to manufacturers, retailers and mail order companies focused on the fashion industry, considering SPH AG understand the challenges, which their customers face every day. Profitable use of excellent industry knowledge. Many years of process experience and understanding their […]
Partner – Business
SQLI Digital Experience
Founded in 1990, SQLI Digital Experience is a European full-service digital company that defines, builds and grows the digital business value of leading international brands. Comprised of technical and creative thinkers, we are committed to delivering meaningful and engaging experiences by leveraging technologies, methodologies, skills, and creativity, all to get closer to the customer or […]
Partner – Implementation
Striped Giraffe
Striped Giraffe is a provider of digital enterprise solutions for B2B companies. As a CELUM partner, we support business managers in their daily work through optimized business processes. We seamlessly integrate all required systems so that they can use their digital content efficiently in different channels. From digital asset management (DAM) and PIM to CMS […]
Partner – Technology
Styla is a content commerce suite that automatically designs content and makes it shoppable, inspiring customers to buy more. Styla’s automation technology is creating the design itself and ensures that the content looks attractive on all devices. A seamless integration with all common e-commerce systems allows an easy embedding of products and creates a whole […]
Partner – Business
Swisscom is a company operating in Switzerland that provides services in the field of information technology and telecommunications. Go to Partner Website
Partner – Business
Tallence AG is a technology and management consultancy for digital transformation. We support our customers in using digitization to their benefit and in creating competitive advantages. We advise, develop, and manage – and our way-of-working is result-driven. Whether an international technology group, traditional medium-sized business, or the public sector: the benefit for the end customer […]
Partner – Business
team neusta
The core activities of the company group are consulting, development and the realization of complex software and mobile solutions. Furthermore, team neusta provides services in the areas of concept, human resources, design, usability and communication. Currently about 1.000 employees work for team neusta at locations including Bremen, Hamburg, Munich, Berlin, Cologne and Toulouse, as well […]
Partner – Business
TS7 Digital Advisory
TS7 Digital Advisory is an independent contractor with a long-standing track record in the management of entire IT infrastructures construction alongside a view to support the integrated core value chain of various industry leaders. Focus on encompassing customer value and management of system design with components such as MAM, DAM, MDM, PIM, ECMS and ECRM […]
Partner – Business
UDG United Digital Group
United to grow leaders in a digital world. In 2011, the digital agency UDG United Digital Group was created by combining eleven leading specialists. In a dynamic, customer centered, technoid market environment it has transformed into a company for creative, brand, tech and business—the leading full-service agency in the DACH region. “Our arena is digitalization. […]
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