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Blog – Product News
A Thumbs Up to Visual Feedback
Are you tired of slow and tedious collaboration processes? With stamps, you can accelerate your collaboration and feedback processes, making your workflow smoother and more efficient than ever before.
Blog – Success Stories
ABUS Masters its Content Management with CELUM
According to ABUS, CELUM’s high-performance content supply chain management platform has been highly accepted by stakeholders. In the last 4 months of 2022 alone, over 24,000 assets were downloaded from CELUM.
Blog – Content Workflows
Achieve more in less time with Marketing Process Management
Let’s imagine something, shall we? Let’s pretend that you’re about to launch your new marketing campaign. You want to bring all the teams together to work toward the same objectives and help achieve the company’s marketing goals. But how can you do it without knowing what everyone’s tasks and deliverables involve? It’s tricky, isn’t it? […]
Blog – Digital Asset Management
Become the Fastest Uploader in the West with CELUM
Invoke your inner Luky Luke and trigger the save button faster than ever with the new CELUM upload wizard.
Blog – Agile Collaboration
Benefits of content collaboration
“If we want things to stay as they are, things will have to change.”  – these words may have been written a good 100 years ago, but they are more apt than ever. Companies are faced with far-reaching changes in their organizational structures: technological networking, global integration and the transition to platform economy require increased collaboration […]
Blog – Content Workflows
Best Content Approval Software in 2022
Discover what is the best content approval software to use to streamline the online proofing process.
Blog – Content Workflows
Better Workflows for Digital Asset Management
With our newest release, it gets even easier to organize your teamwork and manage all digital assets in one solution.
Blog – Digital Asset Management
Boost Content Creation: Integrate Stock Media providers in the CSC
Why integrating stock image databases into my Content Supply Chain Management Platform or Digital Asset Management (DAM) System? What are the benefits for me as a marketer or product owner in my daily work? Well, adding stock image databases to a Content Supply Chain (CSC) Management Platform can bring great benefits to all users of […]
Blog – Product News
Boost Project Efficiency with CELUM Work’s New Subtasks
Big projects consist of many complex tasks, and keeping track of it all is a critical aspect of a project’s success. This is where CELUM Work comes in. CELUM Work is a vital part of our overall content supply chain management platform that helps teams manage their tasks and projects efficiently. In this blog post, […]
Blog – Digital Asset Management
Building Your First DAM Taxonomy: The Complete Guide
Discover how to create a DAM taxonomy. Learn the best practices for building DAM taxonomy for your brand.
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Streamlining content creation and management of assets, simplifying online proofing and collaboration, to facilitate a content exploration experience that wows your audiences.

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Centralise, connect, manage in bulk product assets.

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