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Blog – Digital Asset Management
Become the Fastest Uploader in the West with CELUM
Invoke your inner Luky Luke and trigger the save button faster than ever with the new CELUM upload wizard.
Blog – Agile Collaboration
Benefits of content collaboration
“If we want things to stay as they are, things will have to change.”  – these words may have been written a good 100 years ago, but they are more apt than ever. Companies are faced with far-reaching changes in their organizational structures: technological networking, global integration and the transition to platform economy require increased collaboration […]
Blog – Content Workflows
Best Content Approval Software in 2022
Discover what is the best content approval software to use to streamline the online proofing process.
Blog – Content Workflows
Better Workflows for Digital Asset Management
With our newest release, it gets even easier to organize your teamwork and manage all digital assets in one solution.
Blog – CELUM
CELUM and Frontify team up
CELUM and Frontify enter into a partnership. The integration of both systems also significantly expands CELUM’s brand management capabilities.
Blog – Product News
CELUM Content 22.9 Release – What’s New?
The availability of CELUM Content 22.9 is here and delivers new features and value. Usability is our focus! Additionally, we have invested into delivering over 225 performance and stability improvements.
Blog – Digital Asset Management
CELUM ContentHub 21.9 Release – What’s New?
Features, features, features – that is how you could summarize the ContentHub 21.9 release. Our search underwent a major upgrade and now offers additional functionality to retrieve assets even faster. We also added a Text Editor, SmartViews in Nova UI and you can now update asset versions in bulk. This release is scheduled for early October 2021 – keep reading to get all the latest infos and a sneak peek into what’s coming.
Blog – File Sync & Share
CELUM Drive 3 now puts you in the driver’s seat
The new CELUM Drive 3 app now puts you in charge of syncing files the way you want it!
Blog – Digital Asset Management
CELUM improves UX for editing metadata in bulk
The Summer release of ContentHub 20.7 added a vastly improved user experience for managing asset information.
Blog – CELUM
CELUM named a strong performer
In today’s omni channel world, a Digital Asset Management solution is so much more than just a place to store your files. A DAM system is now a business-critical piece of any enterprise martech stack, making it easier than ever before to create, manage and share content with peers, partners and all your other marketing platforms. With […]
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All capabilities of CELUM in one platform with the world’s most powerful DAM.

The team solution if you just need to collect feedback and approve any content.

Content Hub

High-end digital asset management for your content.

Creative Collaboration

Bring tasks, files and teams together in agile workrooms.

Content Workflows

Easily build custom workflows and automate recurring tasks.

Feedback & Approval

Collect feedback and annotate and approve content.

File Sync & Share

Store, access and share files GDPR-compliant and safe.


Access to over one hundred applications and extensions.