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Partner – Business
Pinuts – The Customer Experience Company We are the digital agency Pinuts and have been offering digitalisation services and the customer experience platform Universal Messenger since our foundation in 1996. Our customers are renowned medium-sized companies, large enterprises, public authorities and municipalities. We contribute our consulting experience and technology expertise of over 25 years to […]
Partner – Business
pixelart is a digital agency in action all over Europe. We create digital experiences that thrill people – and grow businesses. We develop brands, businesses and start-ups – bringing them to life across all channels of the digital realm. We work closely with all our customers to ensure they gain the greatest possible benefit from […]
Partner – Business
point of origin
point of origin goes back to the roots—as the name implies. We put emphasis on customer needs and help our customers make the right decisions in an increasingly complex marketing environment. Therefore, we combine the latest technology and analysis with creative and intelligent marketing measures in order to define new strategies, solutions and business processes […]
Partner – Technology
priint:suite is a product of German technology provider for multichannel publishing solutions, WERK II, with priint Group offices in the US, UK, France, Germany, Poland and Japan. priint:suite has resulted from over 25 years of pioneer work in the field of data driven publishing. Today priint:suite is the leading multichannel publishing platform for product communication. […]
Partner – Technology
Productsup frees brands, retailers, service providers, and marketplaces from commerce anarchy, empowering them to take control of their own destinies. The Productsup P2C platform enables global companies to successfully exert effective control over every aspect of their global product information value chains by aggregating, optimizing, contextualizing, and distributing product content across more than 2,500 marketing […]
Partner – Business
ROBA IMPACT centralizes media assets for our customers—in images, videos and music. This creates compliance, legal certainty, transparency and economic efficiency. We bring together the processes of production, organization and licensing of media contents in order to meet the increasingly complex legal framework conditions. We either work with already implemented software and/or with professional partner […]
Partner – Technology
Salesforce enables companies to connect to their customers in a whole new way, leveraging the combined power of cloud, social, mobile, data science, and IoT technologies. With its innovative Customer Success Platform, Salesforce sets the global standard for customer relationship management, engagement, and intelligence by integrating sales, service, marketing, community, commerce, analytics, IoT, and app […]
Partner – Business
SaleSphere digitizes sales and field processes from prospect management to after-sales and simplifies administrative tasks. Multimedia and visual presentations on the tablet PC make products and solutions tangible in a customer conversation, for a contemporary buyer experience. With its own hybrid platform as a Service (iPaaS), third-party systems can also be conveniently linked to the […]
Partner – Business
With more than 150 employees at five locations SHE Informationstechnologie AG provides design, implementation and operation of innovative IT applications and secure IT services for the digital transformation. Digital Customer Experience offerings build a major part of SHE’s portfolio, for example with combined use of Digital Asset Management on websites or in portals. SHE enables […]
Partner – Business
Skillz Middle East
Building on the principles of business consulting Skillz ME is an adviser and supplier of business solutions in the creative industry and tailor-made customer communication solutions with extended service offering. The business approach is customer oriented specializing in fulfillment of customer needs rather than specializing in certain products. Skillz ME team of professionals with more […]
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Streamlining content creation and management of assets, simplifying online proofing and collaboration, to facilitate a content exploration experience that wows your audiences.

Asset 20

A platform for global brands to manage their digital content, deliver omnichannel, personalised marketing strategies, and overcome complexity in product assets, audiences, integrations and more.

Digital Asset Management

Specialised in mastering complexity of assets, audiences, integrations and more.

Product Content Management

Centralise, connect, manage in bulk product assets.


Reach the right audience with the right content.

Online Proofing

Give concise feedback. Create workflows. Collaborate efficiently.

Mobile & Drive App

On-the-go content access with Mobile App. GDPR-compliant file, sync & share with Drive.


100+ applications and extensions accessible via integrations.