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Product – CMS
The project integration is customizable to your specific needs. Developed by CELUM. Get the integration High-speed availability for online assets A content delivery network (CDN) helps you with your digitized customer contact and ensures that all assets in the World Wide Web are made quickly available to end customers. As globalization increases, so does the number of […]
Product – CMS
CELUM ContentLand
The integration is immediately applicable. Developed by CELUM. Get the integration Integrate assets managed in CELUM directly into any website With CELUM ContentLand, you can integrate your CELUM assets as image and video galleries or document downloads into existing websites or portals – in a simple and flexible way. This keeps them up to date […]
Product – Creative
CELUM CreativeLink by CI HUB
The integration is immediately applicable. Developed by CI HUB. Get the integration Work creatively and efficiently with Adobe Creative Cloud Collaboration with agencies, creatives, prepress and printers can be so easy. Import product images, metadata, and other content directly into the entire Adobe Creative Cloud. Simply put together new documents using existing content. With CELUM […]
Product – Marketing
CELUM OfficeLink by CI HUB
The integration is immediately applicable. Developed by CI HUB. Get the integration Easy management of Microsoft Office documents Creating and managing documents with CELUM OfficeLink powered by CI HUB can be as easy as this. Work in your preferred work environment and access the latest and approved content you need for your tasks without ever […]
Product – Productivity
The project integration is customizable to your specific needs. Developed by DAM United. Get the integration With the asset uploader, you can bring easily, securely and cost-effectively assets into CELUM With the DAMupload integration, it is possible to upload assets such as images, documents, videos, etc. web-based via API to CELUM. For the upload, the […]
Product – Translation
DeepL Translation
The project integration is customizable to your specific needs. Developed by comspace. Get the integration Process optimization and quality improvement by contextual machine translation directly in CELUM The German translation service DeepL significantly surpasses comparable online translators in terms of translation quality. The DeepL integration solution in CELUM enables the automatic translation of metadata in individual assets, […]
Product – CMS
The project integration is customizable to your specific needs. Developed by brix. Get the integration Integrate media objects directly into articles with CELUM and Drupal Quickly and easily place assets from CELUM directly into your articles in Drupal CMS with the Drupal integration. Using the CELUM Asset Picker, images and other media objects can be conveniently selected […]
Product – CMS
FirstSpirit On Prime
The integration is immediately applicable. Developed by .comspace. Get the integration Access all media assets directly in your CMS CMS and DAM are often running independently of each other. The equation “CMS + DAM = efficiency gain” always applies. The FirstSpirit On Prime integration links FirstSpirit CMS with CELUM DAM and helps you to achieve […]
Product – Creative
The connector is immediately applicable. Developed by brix. Get the integration Central storage of all brand assets in CELUM and direct use in Frontify Frontify is a cloud-based brand management platform designed to increase brand consistency, efficiency, and collaboration in design. A built-in design system, smart templates, and numerous integrations make Frontify the perfect solution […]
Product – CMS
Gentics CMP
The integration is immediately applicable. Developed by APA IT. Get the integration Manage all content and assets in one interface – anywhere, anytime Successful online platforms offer a positive user experience for their visitors. Texts, images and videos create an overall picture that inspires and convinces. The Gentics connector combines the advantages and strengths of […]
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