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Blog – Online Proofing
Compare content without jumping between files
With the new comparison mode feature of CELUM you can easily compare, comment, and approve your marketing and design content.
Blog – Content Workflows
Content Creation and Digital Asset Management in One Place
The latest update of CELUM even better combines content work in CELUM WorkRooms and asset management in CELUM ContentHub.
Blog – Digital Asset Management
Content Hub: What is it and who needs it?
A Content Hub helps you to get your content ready, attract more visitors and drive business performance. Find out how you can benefit from it.
Blog – Digital Asset Management
Content Marketing Optimization with Digital Asset Management
Learn how to improve the structure of your content and generate more traffic and leads in this content marketing guide.
Blog – Digital Asset Management
DAM vs. CMS – The 3 most important differences
DAM vs. CMS might rather be a partnership than a competition. Learn about the main differences and how you can profit by combining both systems.
Blog – Digital Asset Management
Digital Asset Management implementation – how does it work exactly?
Implementing a Digital Asset Management (DAM) can be challenging, but we show you how it is done in 5 steps.
Blog – Digital Asset Management
Digital Asset Management: What Is It and Why You Need It
Digital Asset Management (DAM) is the management, organisation, and distribution of digital assets from a central content hub.
Blog – Success Stories
Fresh breath in Digital Asset Management at Ricola
Discover how Ricola was able to raise the management of their digital assets to a central and global level with CELUM ContentHub.
Blog – Success Stories
GODELMANN creates a rock-solid foundation for media distribution
GODELMANN, the masters of stone, enables easy content access and media distribution with help from the CELUM digital asset management solution.
Blog – Success Stories
Hansgrohe: Faster on the market with a constant DAM – PIM data stream
Learn how Hansgrohe established a constant exchange of product data between PIM and DAM with CELUM software.
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