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Blog – Success Stories
Fresh breath in Digital Asset Management at Ricola
Discover how Ricola was able to raise the management of their digital assets to a central and global level with CELUM ContentHub.
Blog – Success Stories
GODELMANN creates a rock-solid foundation for media distribution
GODELMANN, the masters of stone, enables easy content access and media distribution with help from the CELUM digital asset management solution.
Blog – Success Stories
Hansgrohe: Faster on the market with a constant DAM – PIM data stream
Learn how Hansgrohe established a constant exchange of product data between PIM and DAM with CELUM software.
Blog – Success Stories
How CLAAS is harvesting content success
Learn how CLAAS was able to reduce the time needed for content creation significantly and cut production cost by two thirds.
Blog – Agile Collaboration
How Collaborative Tools Can Speed Up Your Daily Work Routine
Juggling day-to-day tasks, whether as an individual or as a team, can be challenging. There are different obstacles that can hinder you from being productive such as miscommunication of tasks, lack of cooperation among members, mismanagement of files, and many others. With the right tools, however, these obstructions can be avoided. Table of Contents Purposes […]
Blog – Agile Collaboration
How does teamwork management work?
A good teamwork management setup is an absolute must before you start a project. We show how you can boost collaborative work in your team.
Blog – Digital Asset Management
How Enterprise Content Management brings order to global business processes
Managing your content in an enterprise organization can be quite challenging. Unfortunately, there are far too many people involved in the lifecycle of content for the process to go smoothly. The solution? You need to streamline your content management process to ensure that you collaborate with the right people at the right time. An enterprise […]
Blog – Digital Asset Management
How to create a winning Sales Enablement Strategy
Break down silos and enable your sales team to win more new business Are your marketing and sales efforts in sync? Sales and marketing misalignment costs businesses $1 trillion each year in decreased sales productivity and wasted marketing efforts. According to Forrester, businesses with a sales enablement strategy are more likely to be successful. Learn how […]
Blog – Success Stories
How voestalpine forged a scalable digital asset hub
Discover how voestalpine created a global hub for all digital assets and increased collaboration among employees around the world.
Blog – Workflows & Automation
Image rights management the easy way with AI technology
Assets such as photographs and videos are as integral to a good marketing strategy as the “like” button is to Facebook. A picture is worth a thousand words, and it is impossible to imagine marketing without images. The Social Media trend is moving away from text-based postings this year towards powerful, emotionally-charged pictures and videos […]
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