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Product – Productivity
Salesforce Sales Cloud
Use in CELUM content supply chain management platform centrally managed assets easily in various use cases of Salesforce Sales Cloud.
Product – E-Commerce
SAP Commerce
SAP® Commerce™ and CELUM together bring your content efforts to full potential. They act as a one central media backbone for all your content orchestration activities.
Product – Marketing
SAP Marketing
CELUM integrated into SAP Marketing Cloud is the pivotal element for providing high-quality content tailored to the needs of individual target groups.
Product – CMS
SharePoint Online
Use easily in CELUM content supply chain management platform managed assets within your SharePoint Online environment.
Product – Marketing
Provide your sales staff with the right content anytime, anywhere with the integration of CELUM and Showpad.
Product – Creative
The Shutterstock integration will load your team’s Shutterstock footage continuously into CELUM content supply chain management platform.
Product – CMS
The CELUM Sitecore integration optimises system strengths, minimising errors, and reducing website maintenance workload.
Product – Creative
Optimise your Sketch workflows by enriching them with creative resources from CELUM.
Product – Social Media
Effortlessly incorporate assets centrally managed in your CELUM Content Supply Chain Management platform into your Sprinklr platform.
Product – PIM/ERP
Enrich your STIBO products automatically with assets and media content managed in the CELUM content supply chain management platform.
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Streamlining content creation and management of assets, simplifying online proofing and collaboration, to facilitate a content exploration experience that wows your audiences.

Asset 20

A platform for global brands to manage their digital content, deliver omnichannel, personalised marketing strategies, and overcome complexity in product assets, audiences, integrations and more.

High-End Digital Asset Management

Specialised in mastering the complexity of assets, audiences, integrations and more.

Product Content Management

Centralise, connect, manage in bulk product assets.

Creative Content Collaboration

Give concise feedback. Create workflows. Collaborate efficiently.


100+ applications and extensions accessible via integrations.