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Blog – Online Proofing
Online Proofing Software: 12 Amazing Tools to Try in 2022
Discover the best online proofing software on the market today. Learn what online proofing tools to use in 2022 and beyond.
Blog – CELUM
Our support for Ukraine
The global community and we at CELUM are deeply saddened by the terrible war in Ukraine. We believe that mutual respect, humanity and peaceful resolution of conflicts must prevail.
Blog – Digital Asset Management
PIM and DAM combined: All-in-One vs. Best-of-Breed Approach
In times of advancing digitalization and the enormous increase in online sales, the names PIM (Product Information Management) and DAM (Digital Asset Management) are being used more frequently. Both systems serve for the storage, administration, and extraction of digital content. However, the distinction between the functionalities of the two systems is not always clear, partly […]
Blog – Digital Asset Management
Productive in Home Office: How Digital Asset Management inspires you and your team
In today’s turbulent times, it is often not easy to work efficiently and maintain productivity at home. For me personally, there are three obstacles to overcome: First, the rest of the family, including two delightful but attention-seeking children, is also at home. Second, the transition to remote work is a challenge even for a modern […]
Blog – Success Stories
Radeberger Group brings transparency to its diverse brand portfolio
The FMCG company partnered with CELUM to streamline the Content-Supply-Chain across its impressive portfolio of far more than 40 brands.
Blog – Success Stories
Rosenbauer values the rights management by CELUM
Rosenbauer with CELUM is able to simply manage a huge load of media assets from marketing, corporate communications and product development.
Blog – Digital Asset Management
SAP Content Management: The Ultimate Guide
This guide on SAP Content Management covers how you can work more easily with videos, docs, audio, and product images in SAP.
Blog – Success Stories
SCOTT Sports sets the pace in omnichannel marketing
SCOTT Sports relies on the support of the Digital Asset Management Solution by CELUM for consistent omnichannel marketing. The CELUM software flexibly adapts to the changing customer requirements and also offers features for the rapidly growing areas at SCOTT Sports such as social media and video.
Blog – Digital Asset Management
Selecting the best Digital Asset Management Vendor in 5 Steps
How to find the best Digital Asset Management vendor for your organization? Learn more about the five crucial steps in selecting a DAM.
Blog – Digital Asset Management
SharePoint vs. DAM – What’s the best solution for your team?
In this blog post we explore the differences between SharePoint and DAM to help you understand what is the best solution for your team.
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