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Blog – Success Stories
Silhouette International looks into a digital future with CELUM
Silhouette International uses CELUM to manage its digital assets centrally. Learn how this global fashion brand optimizes its business processes.
Blog – Digital Asset Management
The 3 biggest obstacles for a DAM project: Extensive asset maintenance
A Digital Asset Management system can be powerful but only if you maintain it efficiently. Learn how to automate tagging and metadata.
Blog – Digital Asset Management
The 3 biggest obstacles for DAM projects: Acceptance in the company
A DAM project is only successful if it is accepted by the people in your company. We explain how you can achieve this goal.
Blog – Digital Asset Management
The 3 biggest obstacles for DAM projects: Integration with other systems
Part I of three articles about the most common obstacles when setting up a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system and how to overcome them.
Blog – Product News
The Latest CELUM Release Brings the Best of the 3rd Dimension
The latest release of CELUM delivers new features and value, and – as usual – contains its share of fixes and improvements. See what’s new in CELUM Cloud, Release 22.4.
Blog – Success Stories
The Single Source of Truth for a growing global company
Learn how Sartorius use CELUM as a single source of truth for content and provide access for all branches worldwide.
Blog – Content Workflows
What Is a Content Management Process
Discover what is a content management process. Learn how a typical content management workflow works.
Blog – Content Supply Chain
What is a Content Supply Chain?
Discover what content supply chain is, how it works, and learn strategies to help you manage your content supply chain better.
Blog – Online Proofing
What is a Marketing Approval Process: How to Set Up Review and Approval Processes
Discover how to set up a marketing review process. Learn how to implement a review and approval process in your organization.
Blog – Content Supply Chain
What is Content Governance?
Discover what is content governance, and how it can help you improve and streamline content creation processes.
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All capabilities of CELUM in one platform with the world’s most powerful DAM.

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High-end digital asset management for your content.

Bring tasks, files and teams together in agile workrooms.

Easily build custom workflows and automate recurring tasks.

Collect feedback and annotate and approve content.

Store, access and share files GDPR-compliant and safe.

Access to over one hundred applications and extensions.