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WERK II GmbH | priint Group

WERK II GmbH | priint Group

Robert Lindmaier
Phone: +49 203-298508 12

Auf der Höhe 49
47059 Duisburg

CELUM Technolgy Partner


priint:suite is a product of German technology provider for multichannel publishing solutions, WERK II, with priint Group offices in the US, UK, France, Germany, Poland and Japan. priint:suite has resulted from over 25 years of pioneer work in the field of data driven publishing. Today priint:suite is the leading multichannel publishing platform for product communication. Worldwide more than 350 customers and more than 100 commerce, MDM, PIM and DAM partners rely on priint:suite in order to create their print publications faster, more efficient and cost effective and to build global publishing platforms. Within the field of product communication, priint:suite is currently the only globally available technology platform for enterprise publishing on the market.


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