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Market Performance Wheel 2017 for MAM published by The Group of Analysts

CELUM Declared Leader in Media Asset Management Once Again


Linz, 1st August 2017 – The Group of Analysts has published their ‘Market Performance Wheel 2017’ on the topic of ‘Media Asset Management’ (MAM). The market research company gave CELUM and its solution of the same name top marks for integratability and functionality. The best scores in user interfaces and usability show that user experience is of the utmost importance for CELUM. The analysts see CELUM as among the industry’s drivers of innovation with a clear vision.


The Market Performance Wheel analyses company performance in four areas: 1. Technology, 2. Ability to execute, 3. Market penetration and 4. Future-proofing. The individual potential analysis divides these into four further central subcategories. These values are then used to generate a meaningful average value. These average values are used to establish the company’s overall performance.


CELUM confirms its top position with a total of 86 out of 100 possible points, even beating their 2016 score. CELUM tops the ‘customer review’ subcategory, being classified as the ‘leader’ yet again. No other provider has as many points in this category.


The analysts’ judgement for the field of ‘MAM functional building blocks’ in the ‘technology’ category was also very positive:


‘Celum’s solution concentrates on all areas of media content, following the “best of breed” approach. Top values for the user interface and usability, among other things, show just how important user experience is at Celum. The best of breed focus is especially noticeable in the field of MAM functional building blocks, where Celum was in the market’s top group, as a very broad spectrum could be seen here. Maintenance structures, the basic data model, content language management and the features surrounding the search results list all led to top marks in the evaluation.’


In the ‘ability to execute’ category, CELUM was able to increase its scores in all areas. They came top in ‘software deployment’ and ‘support/training/docu’, and scored high in ‘project quality’, achieving 20 points. With 21 total points, CELUM achieved the highest evaluation on the MAM market, making them the ‘leader’.


CELUM was also able to get an above average lead in ‘future-proofing’, as they did the previous year. The analysts’ opinion:


‘The company and its management team deal with market challenges very well, and have a clear vision. For a company of this size, their development capacity is at an impressively high level, especially considering the investment volume in product development.’


Innovation capacity is also clear to see in two new product lines. As well as ‘Marketing Project Management’ CELUM launched the ‘Content Marketplace’ in 2017 as an online marketplace for sharing and procuring digital content. In addition to the core product ‘Digital Asset Management’, CELUM expanded their overall range to include the ‘Content Productivity Platform’.


You can download CELUM’s potential analysis with all scores in detail here: