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Connector by comspace integrates FirstSpirit CMS and CELUM DAM


Linz, May 11, 2017 – Celum FirstSpirit Connect is an interface developed by the digital agency comspace in association with CELUM; it closely links on of the leading digital asset management systems with the FirstSpirit content management system. A seamless exchange of data between the two systems has become possible.


The Connector was introduced by CELUM and comspace in the context of the e-Spirit Customer and Partner Days 2017 in front of 350 e-Spirit customers and partners. The new connector will also be offered via the CELUM marketplace in the future. A linkage of CELUM with the FirstSpirit CMS has already become reality in several customer projects including, among others, Remmers GmbH. Based on these experiences, comspace has now developed a product, Celum FirstSpirit Connect, that permits the standardized, efficient integration of both systems.


Advantages of linking CELUM and FirstSpirit

The Connector allows the editor to directly access digital assets (photos, videos and other file formats) in the CELUM DAM from the FirstSpirit editing system. This assures that only current and licensed assets in the company are used and the company is protected from copyright infringement. In the CELUM DAM, users can trace where digital assets are being used in the company.


Continuous further development of Celum FirstSpirit Connect

For customers, the use of the standard module holds the advantage that changes in one or both participating systems are automatically also taken into consideration in the Connector.  In this way you benefit from the further technical development of the Connector.




Presentation of the CELUM FirstSpirit Connector at the e-Spirit Customer and Partner Days: Gerd Laski, Director Partner Management CELUM, Andreas Kämmer, Managing Director comspace, Udo Sträßer, Chief Revenue Officer e-Spirit and Michael Sahlender, Chief Business Officer CELUM (f.l.t.r.)

Photo credits: e-Spirit


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About comspace:

comspace develops digital solutions for challenging project requirements – with great technical competence, continuously trained experts and great passion for the online business.  The digital agency thereby relies on leading content management-, e-Commerce– and digital asset management systems.  As a preferred partner of e-Spirit AG and a CELUM trusted implementation partner, comspace reliably provides for the individual implementation and integration of CMS and DAM projects.

The development of Celum FirstSpirit Connector is based on extensive know-how for both systems.  In further developing the Connector, comspace places great value in a long term, well-established cooperation with CELUM and e-Spirit. www.comspace.de





About e-Spirit:

e-Spirit moves companies into a position to monetize their content in any industry. This is because the CMS FirstSpirit solution links all systems, applications, data and content that are required to structure inspiring customer experiences into a central content experience hub. In this way, companies obtain the necessary infrastructure to efficiently make ever-greater quantities of (personalized) contents available for ever-more channels and touch-points along the customer journey. Customers worldwide are thus reached in a targeted fashion.

Through FirstSpirit, FirstSpirit Cloud and FirstSpirit CaaS, e-Spirit offers users numerous opportunities to significantly accelerate the time-to-market for their product- and marketing communications and to roll-out digital marketing measures appropriate for target groups in real time. www.e-Spirit.com