Medicine for Growth: Shop Apotheke Europe combines DAM and PIM



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SHOP APOTHEKE EUROPE relies on CELUM ContentHub in combination with Akeneo PIM (go to Akeneo Connector) when it comes to digitalizing most of the workflows connected with the country-specific online shops, user-friendly content management, and facilitating daily work for the business units in a sustainable manner.

The CELUM and Akeneo solution enables much faster product placement in the webshops, along with better quality control. Customers can thus access and purchase new products more quickly online. The company is consequently ranked among the digital pioneers and is driving its growth strategy forward.



Greater efficiency in online product marketing

SHOP APOTHEKE EUROPE is one of the leading online pharmacies in Continental Europe. The company manages over one million product details in the form of images and product information for its country-specific online shops. SHOP APOTHEKE EUROPE uses CELUM solutions in order to speed up the availability of new products in the webshop, increase the visibility of the product contents, enable intelligent management of all the images, and thus improve daily work. The business benefits from the solution through:

  • Simple management, search, and quality audit functions for images
  • Fully automated sync of product information between CELUM ContentHub and Akeneo PIM
  • Automatisation of the “first article listing” workflow and thus faster time-to-market
  • A single source of truth which provides an overview of all the contents in the online shops

The direct and cooperative partnership with CELUM has helped us to digitalize our processes even further. In doing so, we were able to greatly increase employee satisfaction and significantly improve our time-to-market.

Dominik Wollenschein

Senior Consultant, Architecture Management


A central solution for all product management processes in the online shop

Shop Apotheke Europe

SHOP APOTHEKE EUROPE’s central workflow starts with the listing of new products for country-specific webshops and goes right through to the delivery of the goods. This workflow was to be modernized using new technologies. During the process, tasks from the different business units were intelligently digitalized with the aim of increasing performance, reducing costs, and facilitating daily work.

In the initial step, new products are photographed at a central location, automatically authenticated at the same time, linked with the correct product information from Akeneo PIM, and uploaded into CELUM ContentHub. The automated keyword indexing of contents using metadata enables easy searching and provides an up-to-date overview as to which products are currently available in the online store. Image copyright is also successfully managed in this way, and copyright infringements avoided.

Efficiency has substantially improved since time-consuming image conversions and content syndication is now automatically carried out by CELUM ContentHub. In addition to speeding up all sales-relevant processes, another key aim was to improve employee satisfaction. Usability is the decisive factor: the solution can be used intuitively, so all employees were immediately able to navigate the modern environment without requiring any training. The new solution also meant that inhouse developments could be replaced with standard technology. Furthermore, CELUM ContentHub is easily enhanced given the numerous standard connectors, and thus offers state-of-the-art possibilities to expand the technological landscape.


Leading online pharmacy in Europe

SHOP APOTHEKE EUROPE runs online pharmacies in the German, Austrian, French, Belgian, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, and Swiss markets.

SHOP APOTHEKE EUROPE serves more than 3.8 million active customers, delivering a very wide range of over 100,000 branded products quickly and at attractive rates. Comprehensive pharmaceutical advice and support round off the online service.

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